Cool Disney Gifts


Hi everybody!

My family LOVES Disney and we quite frequently give each Disney related gifts. Well, with Father’s Day and my parents’ birthdays coming up, I am really trying to think of something really cool to do for them. They will be going to Disney in September, and so I was hoping to get them tickets to a special event or something like that. To give you an idea of what I am looking for, a couple of years ago, my sister gave them passes to one of the backstage tours.

Any suggestions on “out of the box” Disney gifts?

Thank you in advance!


The Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is a GREAT event and is being held at least twice every week in Sept. Check out the disneyworld site for purchasing tickets…we have gone and are going back again! Special parade, wear your costumes, trick or treat, and the characters are all dressed up in costume too! You will see lots of evil characters rarely seen…thye take over Magic Kingdom at night…it is perfect!


How about making a special ADR in advance, and taking care of the bill. You could possibly arrange for a cake or special dessert to be served to them.


Have they seen La Nouba? You could arrange for tickets for that, or maybe one of the dinner shows? How about CA Grill during the fireworks?


Last year for Father’s Day, we got DH (or should I say the boys got him) a guided fishing excursion while on our trip in August. DH was so excited and absolutely loved the time he spent with the boys on the lake.

I think doing a special ticketed event or excursion would be really memorable for them. If fishing dosen’t float their boat:pinch: :laugh:… I love the idea of tickets to Cirque du Soliel. It is a fantastic show that we loved when we went. Also, dinner at the Hoop dee Doo if they like comedy or a romantic dinner at one of the signature restaurants like California Grill or Jiko. There are also spa services available if relaxing is what they would like to do the most.

You know you parents best ~ what do they like to do? ~ what do they like to eat? ~ there are so many options available to customize the perfect trip for just about anyone.

I’ll be interested in hearing about what you finally decide upon!:happy:


La Nouba is WONDERFUL . . . and then dinner at Wolfgang pucks! YUM!!


if they have an ADR at Coral Reef, remember to get the menus and call for the diver (and it’s free)