Cool hidden mickey from my trip to Maine


One of my favorite things to do on our trips to Maine is go antiqueing. In my explorations last weekend, I found this fabulous operation called “Old House Parts” (Old House Parts Company: Architectural Salvage, Antique Windows and Doors, and Hardware for Interior and Exterior Home Improvement.) working out of an old barn full of salvaged chandeliers, crystal doorknobs, milk glass sconces, carved wood mantlepieces, stained glass windows, and the like. The “front yard” of the barn was littered with dozens of ceramic and metal claw-foot bathtubs, and while inspecting one, I found this! Too cool, eh? Just think, if you take the fixtures out of your bathtub, you have a hidden mickey! Who knew?


Awe, that is cool!!


Hey! That is really cool!


How cool is that? I see them everywhere…I think it’s just my mind trying to escape to WDW…lol Thanks for posting the picture…very cool!


Very nice! It is amazing that they turn up everywhere!


My DH would have gone hog wild in a place like that and I would not be far behind. Always looking for things to put into our old house.
The hidden mickey is fabulous:mickey:


That is awesome! :mickey: I love finding Mickey, and seeing the ones others find!

I hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to share two of the Mickeys I have found.

This first photo was taken in Ireland. My DH laughed at me when I saw them, lol.


This one I pulled out of a bag of Lay’s potato chips the night before my trip to DL last August, lol.

And yes, I still have it in my kitchen :blush:


The signs are everywhere!! lol great pictures!


That is SO neat!!!


So cute! I love it!


That’s cool!
I think we should have a sticky with our own “found hidden mickeys”.
Can we? Huh?? Can we??


Bali, that Hidden Mickey is so awesome!! :laugh:


All of these Hidden Mickeys are fabulous!!!


I love that chip! Glad to see other people find Mickeys wherever they go…and that they keep them! When my husband gets home I will have him take a pic of my cheek, as I get a few freckles in the summer and sure enough, this year I got 3 in the shape of…you guessed it…the Mouse himself, on my jawline! I love it…for once I don’t want the freckles to fade!


These are too funny… this is hilarious!!!