Cool Info and Video of Characters In Flight!


Characters In Flight
Helium Balloon Ride at Downtown Disney Operated by Aerophile

Attraction Type: Tethered Helium Balloon
Location: Downtown Disney, West Side
Price: $16 for ages 10-up, $10 for ages 3-9

10 minutes from load to unload, 5 minutes in the air

Operating Hours:
(Weather Permitting)
Sunday-Thursday, 10:30 a.m.-11 p.m.
Friday-Saturday, 10:30 a.m.-midnight
Current Weather at Downtown Disney

If wind speed > 10mph, Characters in Flight may not be operating.

The Characters in Flight helium balloon ride at Downtown Disney officially opened on April 21, 2009. The balloon, operated by Aerophile, takes up to thirty guests 400 feet in the air for around five minutes, providing 360-degree views of all of Walt Disney World and the surrounding Orlando area.

(see it here: Orlando Attractions Magazine - Characters in Flight by Aerophile at Downtown Disney)

In this video you can watch the balloon liftoff and land as well as take a virtual ride on the new attraction, showing you some of the incredible views it offers.

In addition, this video includes interviews with vice president of Downtown Disney Kevin Lansberry and general manager of Aerophile Erik Garcia, and a glimpse at the ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring vice president of operating partners Keith Bradford and 2009 Walt Disney World ambassador Vanessa Rosas.


My dh won’t go, but I can’t wait. Looks beautiful from up there.


That looks so amazingly fun. We would have done it in a heartbeat if it had been open when we were there!


Is there anywhere on television (like the Weather Chanenl) or the internet where you can see expected local winds speeds? I was just thinking that I REALLY want to do this in June but if there was a way to see an expected wind speed forecast once we arrive then I wouldn’t have to go all the way to DtD just for them to say it’s too windy to ride. Ya know what I mean?


That website I just posted, see at the top . . . they have the temp and the wind speeds!:happy:


Ahhh cool! I didn’t even see that at first!


I wonder if you could call the front desk of the resort and they would know? You think they would . . . Disney is pretty good at stuff like that!


It looks like fun but I have done a hot air balloon in Arizona so for me it may be a little let down. Also it said 5 min load time and 5 min in air for $16.00 seems a bit high to me as you wait as long as you ride.


Just a FYI… more often than not this attraction is not running. We tried for 4 out of our 7 days to go up on it. I was told that it had only gone up a total of 10 times since opening. I tried checking at several different guest services and no one would tell me if it was running (they weren’t allowed to… if they said yes and then it wasn’t… something like that). Other than SM it was the one disappointment of our trip. We spent alot of time in DTD “checking” to see if it was flying.


I’d heard that too! I know the first day it opened, it couldn’t go up!


I can see my 2nd home from there…Bay Lake Towers!

Looks like something cool to do and I think DW would like it. may have to do it next weekend.

Me, I prefer the Grumman Tiger with the canopy open. But flying is flying!


Yeah, I am not sure that this is going to be as big of a hit as they would like. It seems nice and defenitly something different,but not so much that it will be a big success. It seems a little pricy for the time you are actually in it but it is certainly a Disney price. I do not see us going in it for that price with as many people as I would have to pay for.


I just checked the site I posted and it’s at 9 miles an hour for the winds. I wonder what it’s like when it’s windy. Today in Palm Beach County the winds are howling . . . nice day, but windy!