COOL new pins!


I am usually not a ‘gaga’ over pins person but there is something about these newly released “Space Aged Series” that I find pretty cool. Oh, and I just saw that on Monday’s there is free shipping on all pins.

Aren’t these cool? New Releases


Very cool indeed. Except that Pinocchio one…that one looks…odd. IMHO…


These are so cute!


Lol…i thought that one was the cutest one! the little space hat…awe…ok…i’m over it!

I just found all our pins yesterday when I was unpacking. I had them packed away for over a year…it was cool to look through them all! We bought some on our honeymoon but I have no idea where they ended up…


:laugh: :laugh: That was fast!

I think it’s the nose that bothers me…it just looks weird.:blink: To me…at least:closedeye


So very cool. Thanks for the link. I love the Tink ones. The one in the space ship especially.

Are these only on Disney Shopping, or has anyone seen them in the parks?


Those are cool. This one really makes me laugh.


Pin trading is our favorite thing to do!! Love the new ones . . . wonder if they are at the park too? I buy them on ebay for like $1-$2/pin . . . and then my kids can trade away for all there favs while in the park. It works out GREAT . . . we walk into a shop, they trade with CMs, feel like they got something “new” and I spend nothing! :laugh:


LOL…that one is funny!:cheshire: