Cool rehab photos!


Maybe you, my fellow Disney freaks, will appreciate my fascination with these incredibly amazing pics of a little Disney genius. Everyone else thinks I am loco…

There is a lot of big work being completed under the Castle, and to camouflaged the work area, they draped the entire bottom of the Castle with a trompe-l’oeil brick wall made of fabric! If you were casually strolling by, you might not ever even notice! This is sooooo cool and so Disney! People passing by thought I was a wacko to be taking pics of construction, and one crabby old man said “Wait till she gets a good look at those pics!” LOL


And here is another cool one, where they are overhauling the Plaza building at the top of Main Street. e walked by many times before we realized that we had been looking at fabric all morning! It was so cool… when the wind blew hard, the “wooden walls” would flutter! LOL


We noticed that over spring break… its like over the Plaza Restaurant… any idea what they are building there? New restaurant? expanding Plaza restaurant?


Great pics Miss D.


Wow only Disney would go to such trouble to ensure that building work doesn’t spoil too much say on photos etc- thanks for those, really interesting.


Thank you for sharing! It is really cool.


Yeah… Plaza, not Tony’s. I was chatting about Tony’s while typing about the Plaza…:laugh:


Oooo the tricks they use to keep the magic alive! Loving it! Great pics!


VERY cool pictures~!


We’ll just have to call you Scoop from now on. Nice job on the photos!


Awesome Pics! I think I will try in take some when I’m down in May:happy:


Cool pics. I know when we were there last time they had a few buildings like that. They are not the only ones that have done such a thing. In Toronto at the Hudson’s Bay at Young and Queen they did that while doing pointing on other work on the building. They are done amazingly well.


I have always thought that that was cool. I saw City Hall draped like that. Really something.
Thanks for posting that.


wow cool photos. I wonder what they are doing down there. wonder if it will get a dragon underneath like at Disneyland Paris?:eek:


wow i was there today and didn’t even notice the work on the castle. but if you take the train around, there’s a lot of digging going on behind fantasy land!!!


There was a lot of this going on in Fantasy Land too (back in March) Disney magic at work for sure. :heart:


I am sure this sort of “coverup” LOL has been going on since they opened the parks. Not new, certainly, but definitely spectacular use of magic. It’s fun to wonder how many times we have skipped past some of this stuff without ever noticing!


I’ve noticed several of those painted skrims over the years, including The Boardwalk Inn and China. I think they make nice distractions.


I agree, very cool pics.
It is pretty amazing how the Disney magic works, even during a rehab.


Very clever disguise! Especially if you are looking at it from a distance.