Cool Station?


What is everyone’s thoughts about the refurbishment of the Cool Station at Epcot? Our entire family was disappointed. It looks like a normal store now, instead of an “adventure” to get inside.


I thought it was really nice but you raised a great point that I didn’t think about. Before it was like you were entering an attraction, now it seems like another gift shop.


It was easier to miss before, and made it much more neat. It’s too commercial-y now…if that makes any sense.


I’d never even been to the one before, and I was disappointed! :sad:

But, it’s still cool.


I am intrigued as to what they have done to it!:huh: I really liked the cool station as it was. A real mini adventure. Does it look totally different now?


i agree - they took away the “FUN” aspect of it…


What is it like now?


I really liked it. I always felt the approach before was overdone for what it was.


Anyone have a photo of what it looks like now? I read somewhere that the ice and snow are gone. Is this true?


We didn’t take a photo, but the entrance is totally gone. It just has glass doors, as if you are entering into a store. It would be great if someone has a before and an after picture.


A little while before they announced the refurbishment, DH and I went and there was no ice and snow and the CM at the entrance said that a chunk of the entrance ice fell off on the head of a CM.
I know that I am going to be disappointed this year because it was like an adventure.


I think the biggest issue is that it is always out of the beverages. The last couple of times we went it had only 3 choices. I remember it used to have 7 or 8 choices.


I’m sorry we missed it before they did it over.


I liked it better before the refurb. I agree that it is more like another gift shop now where you can try out the different drinks.


But at least they still have BEVERLY!!!


I loved it before, and I love it now… but maybe I loved it a little more the way it used to be, OK, so sue me… LOL.
But let’s get real here! The REAL problem with the refurb is…

No more Lychee Mello!!!:crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


We are disappointed with the change. It was quite refreshing going through the front and getting cooled off as you entered. Now it is just another store.


ERIN! was that a pun?


Yeah, I noticed the beverage thing too! And the weird thing is, although there’s a sticker on them for other beverages, the spout isn’t a ‘working model’ (If I remember correctly, there’s no button) It’s an illusion…and I don’t like it!


MMMMMMMMMMM, Beverly :blow: :blow: :blow: :blow: :blow: