Cool Tip!


Another thread reminded me to let you all know that if you have a child that complains that things are too loud… as we did with Madison this trip… if you go to guest relations they have nice Ear Plugs that they will give you!! It made a world of difference!! We actually got to enjoy many more rides and fireworks than we would have had we not found this life saver…

So of course I would recommend taking some with you, if you forget to pack them or they are at the hotel room this is another option!!!


Our 4 yo DS is very sensitive to loud noises. He already has earplugs in his fanny pack & we’re not leaving for almost a month! Thanks so much for this tip, I had no idea that you could get them in the park. This is so good to know in case they get lost or forgotten.


Are they the little foam earplugs? If so, they are very comfortable to wear! We use them in the Air Force all the time!


That’s a great tip! I never would have thought you could get them at the park.


Thanks for the tip!


Are they beneficial against whiney children, nagging wives, or overzealous parents?

Just curious. If they are Guest Relations will get to know me quick! HA!


Taking ear plugs for our DS when he was 6 made a huge difference. I didn’t realize how loud some of the attractions were until Nathan’s first trip. The next time we took ear plugs and he loved all the rides he hated the year before.


Great! Ther ehave been lots of comments about the noise level in Ellen’s Adventure…


What a great tip! Thanks Ron!


Are these EAR plugs mickey-shaped???(LOL)


Thanks Ron, our oldest DS has a high functioning form of Autism. Loud noises seem to really stress him. Great tip!!!


Yes, for all of our mickey-shaped ear canals! :laugh: LOL


This is a great tip - didn’t know Guest Relations had earplugs. I brought earplugs for DD on out last trip, and it made a huge difference. We now use them at the movie theaters also.


Oh man, I wish I’d had those as a kid, the fireworks were always too loud for me, and I hated them. Course I love em now, but my hearing has gotten worse, so. :crying:

Still, a very good idea.