Cool WDW employment opportunity


If you look like a Disney character, and you don’t have any plans for tomorrow, why not give this a shot?

Walt Disney World® Resort Look-a-Like Performer Audition
Audition for a Disney Look-a-Like Performer Role at the Walt Disney World Resort. Performers develop improvisational skills, poise and grace while working for one of the world’s leading entertainment companies!

Saturday, February 23, 2008
Registration: 11 a.m. / Audition: 12 p.m

Walt Disney World Casting Center
1515 N. Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and should wear comfortable attire for a movement exercise. Applicants who have auditioned in the past six months and current character Cast Members are not eligible.


I saw that awhile back . . . guess they didn’t find the characters then needed!! :happy: It would be fun to go and check out everyone auditioning wouldn’t it??


Hmmm, if I got on a plane now I could be down there & have overnight to prepare. Although, I don’t think I resemble ANY character in the slightest. They’d just have to create a very new one… just for me. :laugh: The “Wishy” character, not sure what my role would be we’ll just say “it’s in development.” :laugh:


aww I’d love to see that character walking through the parks! lol or I could just spend a day with YOU in the parks instead :laugh:


I wish I were a stand out face like a character- I dont have any distinctive features…bummer~!


Well hopefully you’ll have a day off when i come next in October! I am SURE you’ll have to be back by then right? Then you’ll be able to hang out with that crazy Wishy character. :laugh:


I’m still interested in trying out for Tinkerbell.

Spandex, a tutu, and a good cigar - It’s all me.


Yes, and a deep voice. Perfect!


I pictured you more as a Jessica Rabbit…:eek:


Silly Dopey. Tink doesn’t talk.