Cool WDW Survey in my e-mail


I just checked my e-mail and saw I had recieved a e-mail for a survey from Walt Disney World Research.

The survey was about character experiences.

It asked how likely you were to go to a character experience with a few different groups of characters.

One of the groups was the Pixar characters, of course I gave it the highest marks I could.:heart: :heart: :heart:

Here’s the interesting part:ohmy: : After these few quick questions it began to ask very specific questions about the Pixar experience. I finished the survey and it didn’t ask about any of the other options for characters. I hope this is just another sign they are going to have one soon!

:phone: :phone: :phone:


I got an e-mail survey for this trip also, only it was asking many questions about the resort. It was fun to fill out. Wondering if they put a little “tickler” next to people who respond to get special deals in the future. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!


Bummer no email for us…


do you have that website?


That’s so exciting, maybe Disney is still working on this. I don’t care where it is I’m in if Pixar characters are there.


It just provided a click here button in the email, not a specific website. I tried to access it again to get a website, but it just came up with access denied. Sorry.

I think it may have come because of one of those surveys you take while in the parks, the ones that the CM walk around with touch screens asking you if you would answer a few questions


That is so strange. I have received a couple different suveys from them in my email and every time I try to access the link, I can’t…I don’t get it. Cool that you were able to however!


I second that one!


millermouse that’s ok! people makes mistakes.