Cool Weather this weekend


I just checked the weather forecast for this weekend.
Saturday looks great, but Sunday is going to only
be a high of 67 degrees. UGH. Looks like sweatshirts
and warm clothes. It will drop down to a really chilly
47 at night. YUCK. I really hope the forecast is
wrong.:crying: :redface:


I know you are disappointed,:sad: but honestly I would take 67 over the weather we have been experiencing lately. Just remember, you will be in DISNEY, you will be having too much fun to care about the weather.:smile:


Come to NJ you will see some crap weather.

Warm today, Cold this weekend???:confused:


I’ll pay good money for 67 degrees in Feb.


I’ll trade with you. Right now we’re at 27 degrees, about 5 inches of new snow and expecting 8 to 10 inches more before the days over. :pinch: Like boss said, I’d pay good money for 67 degrees.


how about the rain predicted for next thursday and friday!!??? from previous experiences from anyone that wend during this time of year???


67! That’s tropical.

With windchill right now, we’re -37.:glare:

Cool weather is nice for doing the parks! You’ll have fun anyway!


Yes, we Floridians seem to start to whine when it drops below 70 degrees!! :glare: I saw the forecast too and told my Mom and Dad, who are flying in from NJ to meet us at Disney . . . and my Dad said . . . anything above 50 and he’s wearing SHORTS!!! :laugh: :laugh:

Personally, I’d rather it be cool then RAINING or 100! :happy: :laugh:


So would I. What isn’t mentioned is that it’s been in the low 80s here in South Florida all week, although it has dropped to the upper 60s every night, so I can open the windows and turn off the stupid AC.
Yes, I have been in WDW when the temperature has fallen out and it’s not fun. But at home, I can’t wait for 65 degree daytimes.


Yes! Be prepared for anything!
It might be in the 80s now, but if a cold front with enough of a shot comes through, it’s going to cool down fast and rain for a half a day. I have seen it literally be in the 80s one day and in the 40s 36 hours later. And of course, it will warm back up in a few days too.


I would kill an extremely high amount of people to have that kind of weather. :ph34r:

I woke up to a real feel of 69, and after storms, it’s now a real feel of 44. I’ve completely given up dressing comfortably.:laugh: