Coolers in the parks


Hi all! Many of you say that you bring a small cooler into the park with drinks and snacks in them. This sounds like a good idea but I was wondering what you do with the cooler when you get into the park. Do you have to carry it with you all day or can you leave it somewhere and get it when you need it? If it was one that you pull behind you on wheels, would you dare just leave it by a stroller parking place? I would HATE to carry it all day in the heat. Any advice?


Our cooler is also a backpack so we just carried it on one of our backs most of the time. But the day we didn’t want to carry it we rented one of the lockers near the enterance of AK. It only cost us a few dollars and it was worth it. We also had a placque from DH’s Richard Petty Experience so it worked out well for us. Hope this helps.

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If it will fit in a rental locker you can store it in there but if it doesn’t you are stuck with it all day. I’ll never take a cooler to the parks becasue it seems like more work than it’s worth to us. We are stroller free and I don’t want to have to worry about a cooler of any size. I might think about it if we had a big stroller with plenty of storage but for now I’ll just take a little extra money and buy snacks and drinks.


I just carry a backback with snacks in it and a water bottle so I can refil it at the water fountain.


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I always put my cam-corder in a soft side cooler grin …actually I have seen lots of people with those coolers on wheels in the parks …they sit down, pull out sandwiches and drinks and have lunch/supper / snacks …what ever … now since I know they had to open those for security … I guess there is no problem what so every taking a cooler in to the parks :slight_smile:


awww the first time stroller free, I remember it so well … it was like the first time with out a diaper bag… these are Disney World major events :slight_smile: