Coolest Hidden Mickey EVER!


Hey guys. We found this pickle at Cosmic Ray’s on our trip last December. I think it’s the coolest Hidden Mickey EVER! :laugh: Too bad JD ate it… :sad:

Do y’all have any cool Hidden Mickey pics? If so, let’s see’em… :biggrin:


Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing :wink:


That’s great!!! My kids probably would have wanted to keep it!


A found one to day in the park but I did not have a camera ! A local park not WDW !


There’s no talkin’ my kid out of a pickle… :laugh:


That is too cool! I love finding real-life hidden Mickeys! :mickey:


Living with the Land shows how WDW grows veggies in the shape of Mickey! I’d like to get some of those clear plastic “molds” for my garden!


Cool pickle


If ever there was a group of people who need to get a grip, it’s us. Because: Whoo-hoo! Mickey Pickle! Awesome! :laugh:


Yeah, I would have eaten the pickle too… I LOOOOVVVEEEEE pickles! What a cute Hidden Mickey, although the kidlet in the picture is even cuter!!!


Oh how cute is he!!!


I would have sold it on Ebay for a small fortune and then taken a dream Disney vacation. :tongue:


I like the way you think DD! :happy:


Very Very Cool… Got Lucky there… an tasty hidden Micky


Cute picture…the pickle is nice to.
Your son is so cute!!! He has to look like his momma. :tongue:


Thanks for sharing that hidden Mickey! I’ll have to go through all our Disney photos and see if there are any hidden Mickeys in them!


Wait… that’s YOUR kid?! :eek:

How can YOU have a kid THAT cute?! That’s insane! :noo:

:tongue: :wink:

Cute kid, cute pic, and awesome hidden mickey find!!


Here is my hidden mickey from an old post.

Yours is awesome dewman!!


omg! How cute!!! JD is so awesome!!! :c) Such a cutie! :c)




Love it, and I agree you DS is a cutie! :wub: