Coolest kid experience on limo/towncar airport pickup?


What is the coolest experience you or your kids have had when being pick up from the airport in a limo or towncar?

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We’ve always used a van since there are 7 of us. I’m contempating the limo thing since the day of arrival is DD #2’s 18th bday.


When we go in May I wanted to make this a really cool time for my 8 year-old so I’m looking for any ideas.



On our first trip I surprised the family with a limo. I told them we would have a van or town car. The limo pulled up and the kids and my wife did not realize that it was for us at first. Then the look of surprise and delight came over them. They had drinks in the car and we stopped at the store. Then we pulled into the Contemporary “in style”. The surprise was a terrific start to a wonderful week. They still talk about it today (2 years later).

The limo did not cost that much more than a towncar. I paid for a limo to Disney and a town car back to the airport. Happy Limo surprised me and provided a limo to the airport.


That sounds like a great time. My son is always talking about riding in a limo. How do you know if the car is there for you?



Happy Limo had me let them know what flight I was on and when it was scheduled to arrive (driver could check to see that the flight was on time). The driver goes to a holding area and waits for a call. Once I landed, I called their 1-800 number and told them I was there. They told me what door to go to then they radioed the driver and he was there.


We were picked up by Quicksilver and instead of looking for the “Blablabla Family” they were looking for my twins by name. The boys’ faces just lit up when they saw their names on a stick (that’s how they put it)


Never thought about having the childrens name listed on the board. I just used our last name. They will have your name on a sign that they hold. If you ask you may be able to keep the sign.


That sounds even cooler. My son will love that.



Just arrange for a private helicoptor to land at the airport, pick up your family, give an ariel tour of Orlando before dropping you in the parking lot of your resort.

That sounds cool.


No wait - don’t drop your family off - they should repel down - COMANDO style!


Last January I booked a van from Happy Limo to pick us up at the airport. Were we ever surprised when a Hummer limo picked us up instead. We made a stop for groceries and you should have seen the looks on the faces of the people in the supermarket parking lot. We felt like celebrities!


You win for the cool idea award! :laugh:

Although a Hummer is cool, too…


I like the Hummer surprise.


Is it sad if I want to do this now? I seriously wonder if that can be arranged…

It would be even cooler to repel down the rope like Boss said - but land in front of the castle at MK instead. Gives you a better view than a resort parking lot

Seirously though, I’ve never had a limo pick up. I really want one now. I want my name on a stick!!! :tongue:


This is where this site gets cool. I’m gonna have my DD’s name on the stick when we get there. How cool will that be?

I can’t wait 130 days!


I’m really ready to go now! All this talk about limo’s and names on sticks! I have not decided wether to just have a limo ride to the resort or one to the airport as well.