Cooling devices for touring the parks


Hi all! I found something called MISTY MATES and was wondering if anyone has used them! On their website, these sell for 2 for $30. The SAME EXACT ONES sell on QVC for 2 for $19.99…and QVC even throws in 4 cooling bandanas!!! (not like I would be caught dead wearing a bandana around my head, but I could wrap it around my arm or neck or ankle or something…LOL :laugh: )

CHECK IT OUT… Shopping

Anyone have any opinions??


For 50 cents you can buy a spray bottle at Walmart. For $1.50 you can throw in the bandana.

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Haha! You sound like my husband! Frankie, is that you?
I can’t really see the picture, but it sounds kinda cool. Is it the bandana that you can freeze? My aunt has those.


It’s a SPRAY BOTTLE. Why do you need to pay $10 for one? :blink:


I don’t think it’s just a spray bottle, I think it’s a fan that sprays the water.


You can buy misting type bottles with fans at wallmart, I think. we used the freezing bandana thingies and they worked pretty well.


My husband has a small one that is supposed to last for arund 2 hours. He used it at work yesterday, but he hasn’t said anything about it. I also saw it on the counter this morning where he left it when he went to work this morning. I don’t know if that means it doesn’t work well or if he just forgot it. :blink: I will be sure to ask him what he thinks of it tonight when I get home from work. My mom got it at Walmart for (she thinks) no more than $20. We live in Panama City, Florida, and he works in the heat outside all day. It has be 90+ degrees outside lately!:glare: I will post what he says about it tonight after I talk to him.


We have some of the cooling bandanas for summer hiking. Here is a webpage for a company that sells them for $5
Cool-a-ma-jiggie TM, bandana keeps you cool by lowering your body temperature!

I bought ours at a craft fair and paid about $4 or $5. I like it and it helps me to stay cool, but it only lasts a little while (couple hours maybe when it’s really hot).


My company sends them along with mechanics working overseas. Thay claim they work well but only in non-humid climates. They work by using evaporation to cool your head and neck. In humid climates the evaporation is less effective. I bought some last month and plan to test them in Orlando. I’ll let you know if they work.


Hmm, I have some of those bandanas that I got in a gardening gift basket. I never though of wearing them at Disney. I have not worn them at home but it says to wear them around your neck.

The part about those misting devices that looks good to me it that it seems like I could throw it in a backpack easier than a traditional spray bottle.


Here’s a tip for staying cool. The quickest way to cool yourself down is to put a cool rag or one of those bandanas on the back of your neck. An army veteran told me that, so I believe him!


It’s not just a spray bottle. Here is the description from Misty Mate website:

This 2.5 oz bottle pressurizes easily with a few quick pumps and with a push of a button an ULTRA FINE MIST emits to create an instant COOLING sensation that has to be FELT to be BELIEVED!

And the bandanas are the ones you soak in water that keep you cool…not your ordinary bandana!

I was JUST trying to think of something to stay cool in the parks and stumbled upon these. You get 6 things for $19. I think I paid that much for my Mickey spray fan alone…:eek: (God knows where it is now…:ohmy: )


If you get it let us know how it works in the parks. We usually go in the summer and could use a little help staying cool.


Are the bandannas the little things with gel in them that go around your neck? We bought those several years ago at WDW and they worked fairly well.


Yes, I think that is how they work! I mean, I wouldn’t wear that bandana all day long, but just to keep cool for a few minutes on my pressure points would be GREAT! I might just order this set. I’ll give myself a day or two to decide.


They’re good in the hot weather. I can see why they would work better in a dry environment, but they worked good in WDW. I know places like Dollar General and Family Dollar used to carry these, but I haven’t looked this year.

Just run them under cold water anytime you go to the restroom…or when you go by the bins of ice that CMs sell pop out of, ask to dip it in there for a minute, we were never told no!


With a spray bottle, you can get an instant ultra fine mist with a few quick pumps, AND you don’t have to push an extra button. :tongue:




I just read Cavey’s description. 2.5 oz would have me stopping every 5.2 minutes for a refill.


I usually use an ice cold beer…lol The misty mates are sold at your local Eckerd Drugs too (a version of them anyhoo that sells for $9.99)…I sell them out every season.