COP need rehab!


At my last visit to WDW in August of 2005, i noticed that The COP was on my top 5 list of attrations that need help. ESPECIALLY in the “Future” scene. I say to my self why would didney let this attration slip under the radar, grant it the COP is not the most popular attration, but still ALL attrations popular or not need to be taken care of at all times. Other attrations in need of help I feel: Spaceship Earth and Peter Pan’s Flight Does anyone else have the same feelings i do.


I would definately say that they need a little “sprucing” to say the least.


I agree 100% about COP. I talked about this in another thread, they’ve let that attraction slip in all areas.


That is hard because it is a classic and it is fun for adults to remenise about what used to be considered modern. Kids probably think it is hokey. Okay many adults think it is hokey too. I don’t know how they would change it to keep it with the same feel.

I love the peter pan ride but I cringed every time I saw the tin foil in the volcano peeling off.


COP just got a little rehab. In the final scene the skin on the AA’s got changed, the fur on the dog was replaced, the father got a new sweater, and the lights on the tree were changed to blue bulbs. Seat and carpet replacement has also been an ongoing process for the last few months. Here is a link to pics of the upgrades: .


When we saw it in October in the last scene the audio was all fouled up and it was hysterical. I didn’t mind b/c I love this attraction. I am glad to hear it is getting spruced up a bit!


Completely missed that thread! But great to hear that they are putting some effort into fixing it up a bit!


I definitely agree, it needs a little HELP. But I hope the overall attraction doesn’t change completely…it’s a classic!


wow… what in the world could they do to it?


Ooh, I loved that link. It was cool to see the before and after pictures. I hadn’t noticed it myself.


That’s great to hear! The seats and carpet were terrible. Maybe I’ll check it out again this May.


while we were there just before christmas they were still working on rehab at the COP … we could see a scaffold (sp?) in the section over from us.


And it’s a good sign too, as that makes it less likely they will close it. I do think the last scene needs regular updating. Some elements are … well, the whole voice-activated thing was tried and no one got into it much. My iMac has it as a feature and it’s too unwieldy. Some elements of VR gaming are coming to pass, but MMORGs are much more popular, and the computer graphics on the screen are looking clunky. “I’m playing Kingdom Hearts III with my friend Amiko in Japan!” is more where things are going now than the VR glasses. (And the grandmother’s outfit in the final scene hasn’t been worn by real grandmothers in decades. Older people being more active should be a feature in the last scene as well, perhaps…)



as a real grandmother I have to agree about her dress … pleaseeeeee change it and put something more contemporary on her …lol like a Mickey tee and jeans. Not even great grannies dress like that!!!


The Vocals need to change also, i remember one line using the word “Lazer Disk Player” Im sorry but who the **** uses a lazer disk player. I think its good they updates some thign but i feel it needs more, The Laptop, the Oven, the voice to the oven, the video game system, and the ski boots next to the girl.


I totally aggree with you! My lil 6 yr old sis noticed it whenwe were there! Thats bad


I have said it before and I will probably say it again… hehe…

If they do not change the “laser discs and car phones” talk in the last scene I am going to…

ok, nothing, b/c i STILL LOVE COP!! But they need to change that


I really only go to see this so I can sing the song. As a matter of fact I am going to sing it again right now.


Heck, even Marvel and DC updated Aunt May and Ma and Pa Kent a few years back. I think real grannies dressed like that in, perhaps, the 1920s. But certainly not even the 1960s and definitely not today.

The cub and I enjoy singing the song on the bus to Disney. We frighten people because we know all the words… :eek: :smile:


I agree - don’t touch the beginning…just maybe the end scene a little bit!! It has to still have the same music though. OMG!!! You don’t think they would change the music do you!!! :eek: