Coral Reef crab legs - are they good?


So, my sister is just dying to try Coral Reef in November. So my question is ar the crab legs there good? I know at least 3 of us would order them so I was curious.


My husband thought they were great when we went last year, I loved the steak!!!


would you eat here if you were a non seafood person… I mean no seafood at all?


I am a non seafood person and their steak is great. I would and am going again, because I liked their food so much.


I had the crab legs and I have to agree, they were really good, and you got alot. My DH is not a seafood eater. He got the steak and was well pleased with it too.

It is a fun place to eat.


If the shrimp pasta is still on the menu stay away–far away–from it.


DH had the crab legs and really enjoyed them, it was also a good sized portion of them!


We were there in December and my DW got them and she loved them and what I tried of hers they were very good. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed


Awesome thanks!


Get the lobster soup - you won’t be disappointed!


my husband got a wild mushroom soup there. He said it was really good too.


I’ll keep the robster soup in mind! My mom will love this!


My DD had the crab legs when we were there in Sept. She and I both loved them!!
CR was our best meal on our last trip. A must do for our next trip!!


If it is the same crab they have at Fulton’s you will love it!