Coral Reef "Diver Sign"


I was just wondering if anyone had a good experience with a Coral Reef “Diver Sign”? I have only seen posts that people called and were told it would be done, but then it never happened! I actually called and left a message this morning, and am hoping for a call back. We are going in January, and it is my mother-in-law and father-in-laws birthdays while we are there. So, I thought it would be nice to have the “Diver Sign” done while we were eating there. But, I am wondering if anyone had any good experiences with it, and do you have a picture??? :wub:


I read in one of the more recent TR of someone who had a diver for her husband’s birthday. There are photos of it in her TR. So a couple of people have had success with the diver actually showing up.

I just checked it was Sue’s (sue299) TR. It’s still on the first page of TR.


I would just call & hope for the best. The “personalized menus” they provide are adorable too, make sure to ask for that. I had e-mail confirmation, called the restaurant the morning of & spoke to someone who confirmed & my sign never showed up. So, I would request it & hope for the best.


My diver was good… menu so-so
Here is the link to my picture in my TR

I had requested the menus too, sent the pictures and we got the menus but without the pictures. It was still nice as we had a keepsake though.

Go for the diver. It doesn’t cost anything, so you have nothing to lose! I thought it was great!

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Thanks for the link. I am definetly going to try and get this done. I think they will love it! :wub:


We also had a good experience in oct. I booked it and confirmed it at the podium when I checked in. I didn’t do the personalized menus.


Oh…THANKS for posting the picture of the diver!! That was so cool!!!


I requested a diver last month for my sisters birthday and everything went really well. I have a pic but it is a little blurry. He even tossed some of the rock/crushed shells on the bottom of the tank to look like confetti. And the food was really good. I was worried with some reviews it had gotten before but it is now one of my favs!


What does it cost to do something like this?



It’s free. They only do so many a day though, so call and get your time reserved!


I can’t believe the diver sign is free. (Knock on wood - hope I didn’t jinx it! :laugh:) It’s just such a neat way to celebrate something special! That is, if it actually happens. :rolleyes: I hope they’re still offering this when I get the chance to go.


Okay, so I have the diver sign and personalized menu booked. I called, and the man on the phone, Louis, was soooooo helpful! He set up the diver sign, and then had me email him the information for the personalized menu. He emailed me back that he received the email, and confirmed everything.
I am so excited, I can’t wait for my father-in-law & stepmother-in-law to see it!!!


Cool, thanks!

Happy new year!



great! Have that camera ready. I took one with and one without the flash because of the glass.


Thanks guys I booked this and it all worked out. My family was so surprised with the menu and then my niece was jumping up and down when she saw the sign.


thanks Sue for the link to the Diver picture. I did not really understand what you were all talkling about at first but now I get it! :laugh: What a lovely idea. Another way of making the magic happen I guess?:heart:
Oh and BTW…I just love that photo of your hubby when he had eaten the cherries! :laugh:


Yes, another way Disney makes magic for the everyday person. It was great. And he was WARNED by my DIL not to eat the cherries. The dessert was good, but do NOT eat the cherries. Obviously he didn’t listen… just like the “wet paint signs”

Hey that would be a great poll, how many have eaten the cherries and how many liked them!


Good one!:laugh: Ill look forward to seeing that one then!:happy: ( I bet there is more that hvae eaten them then you think :pinch: :laugh:


Who do I call / email to set up a diver sign? I have din res but have not schedule a sign.



Call 407-560-6636

That is a direct line to Coral Reef. If you get an answering machine, you can leave a message, but I kept trying to call to until I got them. They are not really good at returning the calls.

Good Luck!