Coral reef diver signs/menus


i just read this on another site - it was not listed as a rumor, but as an update…

The Coral Reef Restaurant at Epcot will not be doing diver signs and personalized menus in 2009.

just thought i’d pass the info along - hadn’t seen it discussed anywhere else, sorry if it has been.


Oh, I hope this isn’t true!


I was so sad to hear that. I was hoping to get it for my DS and his new wife for their honeymoon.


I read that info on another board too. I booked the diver and it didn’t happen so I’m not too sad about it after my let down. I guess I’m still a little bitter…:laugh:


O wow that is very disappointing. My sister-in-law did that for my parent for their birthdays last January when we went and it was so amazing! I hope that isn’t true because it’s such a cute idea!


We did [tried to do] the diver sign & personalized menu several years ago. The personalized menu was GORGEOUS but our diver sign never showed up, even though there were divers in the tank during our meal. I was a little dissapointed but not too much b/c the menu came out so beautiful. There have been MANY others that planned these things as a big family surprise & they haven’t shown up in the past so many the restuarant is getting rid of it b/c they just can’t fill so many commitments to doing it?

It was nice while it lasted. :smile:


I’m really glad I was able to get it this past August. My mom still talks about it! Glad I have the pictures. Our diver was great…even came right into the restaurant (dripping wet all over!) just to say ‘hi’.