Coral Reef - over Cape May Buffet


We just found out that Coral Reef is now only one TS. We were planning on hitting Cape May dinner buffet for seafood. Now we are leaning toward Coral Reef. What does everyone think? Also, everything I read about Coral Reef mentions wine, and I also read that they do not have a full service bar. Does anyone know if they sell beer also?


I didn’t hear that it was only one—we were going to go to Coral Reef, but my DH balked when he saw it was 2, so we booked the buffet… so little time to think about this now…


Anyone know if they changed the menu or just the point value. We ate there 2004 and loved it but I would like to know if the menu is the same. :mickey:


I did confirm that Coral Reef is now 1 TS. They claim to have the same menu.


Personally, I think the choice of restaurants really boils down to quantity (Cape May) vs. quality (Coral Reef) - not that Cape May isn’t good nor Coral Reef has small portions, but I think you know what I mean. Personally, I can go either way, but we were closer to making an ADR for Cape May than Coral Reef for our March trip.

I checked the Passporter about the bar issue and was very surprised to realize that it really doesn’t cover it. At most, they might mention a restaurant has a good wine list or specialty drink. Sorry, no help there.



Off topic I know- How do I get a real countdown clock???


I think what would sway me would be the surroundings.

It’s very cool to eat with all the aquariums of fish swimming around you.

Coral Reef will definitely have a more “sophisticated” menu, while Cape May is designed more along the “comfort food” lines.


I love Cape May Cafe… if you end up there, you will like the food very much! Be sure to have the cornbread casserole! Yummy seafood and it is ready to eat right away, so there is no wait for the kids!


I have only been to Coral reef and really enjoyed it , but I have always wanted to try Cape May Buffet. Sorry, I wasn’t much help was I?


I have been to both and the experience at each is different. Cape May is a buffet with so-so food. Not particularly bad but not particularly great. If it is just me and my wife, I usually don’t put this on the to-do list. But if we are with the rest of my wife’s family, I don’t put up a big fight if they want to go there.

Coral Reef is more like a fine dining restaurant with the great atmosphere of the tank.


I just made ADR tonight for Coral Reef and it is only 1 TS.


Well, I don’t eat seafood, so my vote is based purely on the coolness factor. So I’m voting for Coral Reef. I just think it’d be cool to eat INSIDE the Living Seas…


We liked Cape may because we had a great time drawing on the table! It kept us all entertained! (We also did this at the Cal Grill!)

We have never been to the coral reef because it was 2 table services, but now it is only 1 we may give it a try next time!


I just booked an ADR for Coral Reef for our upcoming trip. We are seafood lovers and the Cape May Cafe Clam Bake doesn’t have much seafood on it? The menu for the Coral Reef looks pretty good and I think our kids will love the aquarium aspect.