Coral Reef question


We have a reservation at Coral Reef for lunch . I looked over the menu and see that there is grilled shrimp available with cucumber salad as an appetizer. Also, grilled shrimp can be added to the ceasar salad. I was wondering if we asked, would they be able to make just grilled shrimp with some fries for DS ? I didnt see any type of shrimp on the kids menu…grilled or fried.


Most of the restaurants are pretty accommodating. Just ask…the most they can do is say no, but I bet they don’t.


We’ve made requests like that for my sis when she was younger and much pickier. She would only eat caeser salads for a while and they never have that on the kids menu. We asked for baby shrimp to be added to meals too. They always accomodated us.