Coral Reef questions


I have a reservation at coral reef for next month and I can’t remember if this restaurant is still 2 TS credits or not? It is not listed as a signature dining on the WDW website anymore. And I can’t remember if I had to give a credit card number to hold the reservation or not. Also, I’ve been to the Living Seas so many times I can’t remember (even gone through the DiveQuest with my husband) but I don’t remember where the entrance is into the restaurant.

Anyone know?


It’s still one TS credit and no credit card needed to hold the ADR


The entrance is off to the right. If you are staring at the “mine, mine, mine” birds, go right around the building and you’ll see it. :happy:


There is a sign that points to the entrance to the restaurant. Just walk to the right instead of straight in to the living seas.