Coral Reef Restaurant


If eating dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot, does it cost 2 table service meals or 1. I have looked on different web sites and I am getting conflicting information.

Thanks a bunch!

Lisa :mickey:


We were just at WDW last week and used the Dining plan, and the Coral Reef counted as 1 table service meal.


Awesome. Glad to hear it!

Thanks a bunch!

Lisa :mickey:


I heard from the reservationist that coral reef got a big boost in traffic after it was changed to one…


I believe that. I have always wanted to eat there but now that I am planning the next trip I was not sure if I wanted to spend 2 table service meals on it!

Lisa :mickey:


The atmosphere gets great ratings. The food is so-so, but I’ve read it is improving.


Incase anyone needs it, here is a pdf file, from Disney, of the Dining plan info. :smile:


How current is that one R2G?


It says 2006 at the top and is the current one that you get from the Disney site, at the link below, and click on “selected restaurants”. :smile:


Sorry, for some reason, I can’t open .pdf files on this computer. I have to use my office one.


It’s cool man I thought for some reason you didn’t see it.

If you want here is where you can get the latest Adobe .pdf reader. :smile:

Adobe - Adobe Reader Download - All versions


I hope the food has improved because of the four times my family has eaten there we have yet to have a decent meal. I have crossed it off our list of places to eat at Epcot.