Coral Reef Review


As some of you know I just returned from my WDW trip about a week and ate at the Coral Reef. I don’t know if I posted my review already on another forum or whatever so i’ll make a thread. Here is basically one word to describe my experience… TERRIBLE. Once we arrived and we had Disney Dinning Reservations we still had to wait another 50! and I repeat 50! minutes until our table was ready. We finally got in and then guess what, we can’t even see the taken… we are on the third level and people’s heads where blocking us which really stunk… we where hungry so we stayed. I got myself a Mahi Mahi and it was burned and small. It also had no flavor. I just wasn’t in love with the restaurant and i’ll stick with a land next time :). JMO.

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Wow, So sorry to hear that.:sad:
I am really glad that I decided to change our reservations from Coral Reef to Les Chefs DE France.


No one should wait 50 minutes! What a waste of time and dining points!

The last time we ate there (well, we’ve only eaten there twice) we were lucky enough to get a tank-side table, so that was lovely - I thought the food was ok - but my dh would agree with you - he wasn’t impressed at all - we won’t go back.


We had a pretty bad experience as well. We waited around that long as well. Our food was not that great, service was slow and we did not get to sit anywhere near the aquarium. I was not impressed and will not be returning.


Can I ask what time your reservation was for? We’re planning on eating there in March and I’m wondering if they are extra busy at a particular seating? We’ve been there about three times before and were always seated right away with great views of the tank and we always had early dinner ressies. I never really noticed that there was seating that couldn’t see the tank - kind of pointless as the main attraction of this restaurant.
I don’t remember what I ate, but I do remember we enjoyed the meal.
I have heard a lot of negativity lately regarding this restaurant - maybe time for a bit of re-organization of this restaurant to bring it up to “Disney Standards”!


Sounds like a bad experience. Did you ask for another piece of fish? I know on every Disney survey I receive, they always ask - if you had a problem, did you ask a CM to fix it.

We’ve had some great meals there - and we found the service to be above average by WDW standards.

Opinions will always vary too - I hope your other dining experiences were better!


OH NO!!! That’s horrible! We usually go to Coral Reef every other trip to WDW & I can honestly say I’ve never had a bad meal there. As far as the waiting time, even with an ADR, the longest we had to wait was one trip during the summer we had an ADR around 7:15pm and it was MOBBED. We waited about 30 minutes. Every other time we’ve been I’ve never waited more than 10-15 minutes. Now LE CELLIER on the other hand makes me wait FOREVER every dang time. :glare:

Anyway, sorry it was a bad experience. :sad:


It does stink when you have a bad experience. My boys and I ate at Coral Reef last March and I have to say we loved it. We ate around 7:30 and got a table right up front, food was amazing, and service wasn’t bad either. I had a horrible experience at Planet Hollywood though so I understand your frustration.


I haven’t been back to Coral Reef since 2004.
This has more to do with the way that the menu has been hacked to death since the Magic Your Way plus Dining vacation packages were introduced in 2005.
I simply can’t imagine any seafood restaurant that doesn’t offer lobster, scallops, or shrimp (the seafood linguine doesn’t count). They’ve pretty much eliminated all shell fish. What is left is a pitifully small choice of entrees that pretty much don’t appeal to me.
They’ve lost me even though I’ve never had a bad meal there between 2001 and 2004 and at this rate, I’m not coming back.
There’s also something wrong when the most expensive entree is the steak by itself and not surf and turf, which isn’t even an option, again a huge faux pas for a seafood restaurant.


While we’re at it, don’t even waste your time with Cap’n Jack’s!
Six entrees, three of them not even seafood. No more lobster tail. No scallops. No crab legs. No crab claws. No fried anything.


Thank you for the heads up because I was going to try it this summer. Im sorry you had such a bad meal there. I have read some bad reviews over the years so I never put it on our to do list even though I always wanted to try it just because of the view and the unique setting. It doesn’t sound like it would be a guarantee the seating would be could so I am thaking it off the list.


Yikes, I am sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience! :sad:

We are scheduled to eat there this May but now I’m a little concerned it wouldn’t be worth it. Especially with that kind of wait…:pinch:…we are eating lunch at Le Cellier that day and I don’t want to spend the whole dang day waiting for tables! :whistling


That definitely sounds like a fluke experience…an exception and not the general rule when it comes to eating at the Coral Reef.

On our last trip, 1/24/09 - 1/31/09, we ended up eating at the Coral Reef twice in that week because we had such a great experience there. We too had made ADRs and arrived in sufficient time for them. We ended up being seated within 5-10 minutes each time, and had a great time there. My wife is allergic to seafood so she had a steak and it was the best she’s ever eaten. I tried the chicken and it took was extremely flavorful and probably one of the best meals I’d ever had (I also had the Jack Daniels mousse for desert) in WDW. Another member of the party had the Mahi-Mahi and was raving about it. Our table was basically in the middle of the floor and everyone in the restaurant was treated to some funny antics by divers that were in the aquarium tank and we had some great views of the rays, fish, and sharks. We had such a great time at this restaurant that we cancelled another ADR a few days later and booked another lunch at the Coral Reef, where we all proceeded to order just what we had the first time and it was every bit as good. The service was great, the food was great…the Coral Reef is now on our list of “must eat at” for future trips.

Sorry you had a bad time, but from what I’ve experienced, the place is definitely worth another look.

To everyone else reading the initial posting, I would strongly advise you NOT to take the Coral Reef off your list of places to try. The one individual’s bad experience is definitely not how the place is in general. Great food, great views, and great service was the norm for us. We’d never eaten there before this last trip, but we’ll definitely be back on our future trips.