Coral Reef reviews please


Just browsing the Disney restaurant site and came across Coral Reef.
Haven’t eaten there is years. How is it??
Worth going back??


The best thing about the Coral Reef is atmosphere. It is beautiful inside the restaurant. The first time I ate there the crab legs were very good, but the have since been removed from the menu. I was there in December 09 and I think I had steak. My sister an neice had salmon that they said was very good. The chocolate wave is always good, but coral reef isn’t in the plans for our January trip.


It was a nice enviorment but the food was average.

Its a must do once.


Amazing how everyone’s palettes differ. Every time we’ve eaten there we have been happy. I must not be very discriminating.:laugh:


We ate lunch there last year and enjoyed it. I had the shrimp and lobster cake for an appitizer. They said it was spicy so I thought it would be hot but turned out to be tart (would have rather had it be hot). Will not do that one again. My DD had the scallops and really liked them (Im trying them this time). For the meal I had tillopia and DD had lobster ravioli, both were very good. We ended with the chocolate waves, good but not really memorable. We are planning on going for lunch in a few weeks, so all in all it was good meal. Would definitly do again but would rather do lunch than dinner.


The menu has been cut so drastically since the start of Magic Your Way and the dining plan that I just don’t have a good reason to return.
And I used to love the place.


We enjoyed our last meal there - wasn’t amazing - but good. Certainly not a restaurant I’d rush back to, but I wouldn’t complain if we went again. If you can get a table by the aquarium, it makes it even nicer.


It’s been hit or miss for me. I’ve eaten there four times in the past three years, two great experiences, one average experience and one really bad experience. The most recent experience however was one of the great ones!!


I loved this place! The atmosphere is awesome and while the menu is small the food is good. I think this place went for a time of having sub standard food and people will not go back but I say give it another shot! My family had a ton of fun here.

Also, you can have a menu cusomtized to your family with pictures and everything! I did this and it was awesome!




This sounds cool. Can you tell us more about this?


We eaten here several times.

There service has ranged from excellent (one of our best experiences) to average (by Disney standards which we think Disney > most other places). They were accommodating with special requests by the kids.

The food has always been above average for our Disney dining experiences.

As always, YMMV.


It has a nice atmosphere, how ever the food was average, and the service was very slow.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1041691]The menu has been cut so drastically since the start of Magic Your Way and the dining plan that I just don’t have a good reason to return.
And I used to love the place.[/QUOTE]

one of the main reasons that i dislike the free dining plan extension…the dining paln while helping others is in part destroying the menus at some of our favorite restaurants…


We always enjoy the Coral Reef, the atmosphere is wonderful. The food has always been good, maybe not the best on property but a nice meal.


Agree with disney1, I felt the appetizers and desserts were excellent with super presentation. Very tasty grouper. We loved it!


We ate there twice, first time it was awesome, the last time it was alright. I have to agree they should offer more of a variety.


Same for us; but the first time was just average…food and service, and the second time was really good food and service.


DW and I ate there once, it was average at best, service was slow, no plans to return any time soon.


I will hardly ever suggest someone go anywhere other than Disney, but if you want the atmosphere, the Shark Encounter restaurant at Sea World is very similar and the food is FAR, FAR better :slight_smile:


Yeah, but I can’t look at that many sharks at once. I wouldn’t even walk through the see through tube. For whatever reason, sharks scare me more now than when I was a youngster. Maybe it’s the Jaws effect, maybe it’s all the scary footage of shark attacks in movies.

The menu at Sharks was pretty interesting, maybe even as adventurous as Jiko. The current menu looks like it is more mainstream than it was when we visited in 2004.
Disney World Orlando Menus

They can have more variety than Disney because, as I’ve now complained for years, the dining plan has forced the streamlining of all the menus in WDW to conform to costs across the board so that guests can’t take too much advantage of the plan vs paying out of pocket.
I do not know how recent this menu is!