Coral Reef?


Is it worth spending tons of money on a meal at the coral reef restaurant at epcot? I heard that the food wasnt that great. Any head up on whether to ear there or not? Do they only have seafood?


The food is pricey, but we love eating there, you should eat sometime between 4:00 and 5:30 and you can watch the divers of"Dive Quest" swimming around. That’s just regular people who paid to swim with the fishes - they do it most week days but you can ask the management. I know all this cuz I was one of those silly divers making faces at the window last year! We love the atmosphere, especially after a long day of walking around the showcase.
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We havent been since 97 but at the time it was overpriced.


forgot to mention that you can get with one of the chefs if your diet is funny or you want something different. My wife spent 15 min or so on her special diet needs with one of the chefs and they really took care of her and I loved the mahi that I had. Yes pricey, but we eat there every trip. . . ooohh there goes a shark!



The atmosphere is beautiful and it’s a very relaxing restaurant. It is expensive and the food was good, but certainly not the kind of food you’d expect for the money you spend. To save some money, go for lunch instead of dinner.


I’ve read too many negative things to eat here. This was mentioned several times in the very long post on DC of where not to eat at. That’s enough for me. :mickey:


I’ve heard a lot of bad things too. Usually I have to see how bad it is for myself but not this time. I won’t risk it.


If you are looking for sea food, I would recomend either Fultons’ Crab House at DtD, or the Flying Fish Cafe at BWI. They are a little pricey, bit I think the food is better at these two instead of Coral Reef.


After seeing how my DD loved the Living Seas last year (we spent over an hour ther believe it or not), I was really considering taking her here just for the tanks…lol I think she’s get a kick out of it. Maybe I’ll make that one my splurge dinner. :mickey:


It is way, way too expensive for us!!! It is a tad on the small side too, and gives off an enclosed and cramped feeling. I never have really liked it, especially since I am allergic to seafood.


We ate there in ‘96 and enjoyed it. This year we will be two of those diving nuts putin’ on a show. DH can’t wait to interact with the diners.


I’m kinda torn on this one. We ate there last september, and the food was delicious! I had a wonderful lobster tail, it tasted perfect, my bf really enjoyed his dinner too (don’t remember what). It was really expensive, but, i wouldn’t have minded that much because my meal was yummy…except that portions were pretty small (especially compared to the rest of WDW), and the atmosphere! I mean, yes, the tank was cool and it was neat to see the fish, but it was really crowded, the fish got old fast, and there were kids running around and pushing each other to get to the tank to stand right up to it to see. I guess their parents weren’t paying attention (not the restaurant’s fault) but it did take away from the atmosphere…I know I know…it’s disney, of course there’s kids…but, considering the price we paid, I would expect people to make sure their kids behaved. Also, our server was a bit rushed and unfriendly. but the food was mmmmmm… :mickey:


If you keep your expectations low and recognize that you’re paying for the atmosphere and not the food, then it’s definately worth one visit.

DW and I have eaten there twice and both time the fish was a little over-cooked and while the presentation was nice, the quality was so-so. It was edible, but that’s about it. Nothing spectacular. Most reviews I’ve read have more or less said that same thing.


Due to the overwhelmingly negative reviews I have read of the place,I don’t think it’s worth a try.


We ate there on our first or second trip out and I guess it is one of those things you do once. We were pretty suprised by the cost vs. quality of the food, but then again we are used to some very good sea food at home. The atmosphere is cool, but not all that much different then eating at a Rainforest Cafe. We were disappointed when we could not get a seat near the fish tank even though there were several open. When I asked thI was told they were reserved for other guests, but we never saw anyone take them while we were at dinner, my DW suggested I should have slipped the maitre’d a $20.00 to get one of them, but I just didn’t think that should be necessary at WDW.


I would never eat there again. Food is way to pricey and it is just gross.



AHHH!! Thank you for saying so. I cannot stand that closed in feeling. I will have to let DD spend ectra time at the Living Seas then, becasue I cannot enjoy a meal where I am squished in…tank with fish or not. Thaks for letting me know.


Dana, just to give another perspective – I find the ‘stadium seating’ layout and glowing depths of the tank wall to give a very airy feeling! The expansive sensation is actually one of the things I love about the place. Just goes to show how different people’s perceptions can be! Of course, you could always walk in once you’re at WDW and take a peek at the dining room, to get an idea for yourself if you’re not sure.

If you enjoy all the architectural details of theming, I think this is a particularly great place --even if you don’t eat there, walk in to the lobby/wait area, check out the door pulls, the front desk (complete with glowing octopus arms), walls, wall sconces, floors, and ceiling light fixtures; if you eat there, note the amazing swirly brushed aluminum tabletops, wave-form seatbacks on couches, whorled chairbacks, etc. I think it’s just amazing. Plus, we noticed this past December that they had much improved the tank lighting. Previously, the tank lighting was fairly bright, and things looked rather washed out, especially in comparison to the mysterious deep blues of the dining room. Now, the tank lighting is very well-matched, in deeper Atlantean tones; I think they might have changed the “coral” as well–it no longer looked washed out (although it could be all the lighting). All in all, we thought it was even more beautiful. True, it can be a little loud, but it always feels like a sacred trip to Atlantis to us. We tend to go very late, and the little ones fall asleep and go home, we move down to a tankside table when one opens, and we just bask in that sensation of floating in the depths.

BTW, we have taken to asking if we can wait for a tankside table when we check in, and usually that has worked out just fine (granted, we go in the off-season). We have also several times, as I mentioned, asked to move to a tankside table as the place clears out. That’s a wonderful way to take our dessert and coffee, to really linger and marvel and talk.

Oh, and the lobster bisque is fantastic! I agree that the food is pricey, small-portioned, beautifully presented, and of mostly good, sometimes very good quality. We always make a point to have a special romantic dinner there when we’re at WDW. My two (okay, maybe three!) cents! :biggrin:


Dana, I must agree with Trillium. You would be fine in there. It’s very beautiful with an “under-the-sea” feel to it. Sara would love it! Try it for a late lunch and wait for a table by the acquariums. And the lobster bisque IS DELICIOUS. In fact, I’ve talked myself into giving it another try. :mickey:


If your daughter really loves that stuff, maybe you should just go for lunch. Lunch at any of the pricier restaurants is a good bet since the lunch and dinner menus are very similar, but the pricing is a tad lower. I agree that it is a place that should be experienced once just for the atmosphere. You can check the menus and prices over on