Coral Reef?


Ok, I have heard mixed reviews on this place. We def have reservations for this restaurant for I think 2/10/08, howerver…I have heard that it is expensive and poor quality food and then I have also heard that it is one of the best places to eat at Epcot personally I am a Mexico fan…we ate there 3/7 nights when we went in 2003…that Mango Margarita was sooooo dang good! lol

Anyway sorry…I tend to ramble…especially about WDW, I would like to get even MORE opinions. Probably going to confuse me further but still lol. Thanks!!


I went to Coral Reef this past August and loved it. The wait was long…30 min but once I got in there the service was excellent and so was the food. To be honest, I had the steak and it was one of the best I’ve ever had and I don’t like steak to begin with (but it was recommended to me by several people). I was at a table on the top tier but still could see the whole tank. I heard that the booths are tighter packed and they are. I had the chocolate wave for dessert and to be honest the only thing I remember were the grain alcohol cherries, which made it unique. For an appetizer I had the crab cake which was spicy and delicious. I had a Great White to drink (it’s coconut, no alcoholic smooth/slushy type thing)… I was on the dining plan and had great service (left extra tip too) and ended up being the ‘table of the day.’ Coral reef is pricey but since I was on DDP I didn’t have to worry about any of it.

But as you’ve said this place gets mixed reviews as goes the Mexican place. I’ve been there too. I’ve loved the ambiance and have had poor service and quality of food. My advice is to try a restaurant and see for yourself. If you like it you’ve found a new place to go to, if you don’t you can move onto another one next time!


We went to Coral Reef in August and it was by far our worst meal that trip. The service was poor and my food wasn’t good. My DH said his steak was okay but nothing great.

I always think people should try a restaurant so they can decide if it’s good or bad. Like you, I read so many mixed reviews about CR but I wanted to try it to for my own opinion. We tried it and we’ll never go back.


I enoyed the Coral Reef. We went there last year prior to the Cabdlelight Processional and it was good. I had Mahi Mahi and the boys had prime rib. The chocolate Wave was decadent and quite sinful. (Loved it!!)
Boys had cheesecake but preferred mine. We did not sit real close to the tanks but had a good view. Overall it was a good experience and we had great service. We were on DDP and so it was a well spent table service.:cool:


I just had some friends that went the Coral Reef. They gave it excellent reviews. They had nothing bad to say. They would definitely be back. The Steak was also recommended by them. Good luck to you.


We enjoyed it and are doing it again in November. Very good food and we had a wonderful waiter.

Your mileage may vary… :pirate:


We had a horrible experience at CR.:glare: It was by far the worst dining experience we have had in all of our trips combined. The service and the food was well below par.:blow: :angry: It was also the MOST EXPENSIVE meals of the entire trip. Even though we were on the DDP, I would not waste my time going back. There are too many other places in Epcot to enjoy, IMHO.


We went to Coral Reef 10 years ago and weren’t impressed. Maybe it’s time to give it another try.


Chefs have been moving around lately. I believe the Coral Reef chef just went to Le Cellier (I’m really disappointed there now), and the Le Cellier chef went to Jiko. So maybe the Coral Reef has gotten better. It’s been a number of years since I ate there, I didn’t care for my meal then. But things do change.


We went there once years ago and were not happy with it. But from the newer, more positive reviews, I’m thinking they may have made some changes. I’d be willing to give it another chance.


I guess it just depends on what you like, we went last trip and I didn’t like it at all, DH thought it was alright, SMIGGERs loved it, don’t remember what HollyLynne said, but I told DH that we will not be going there again, I didn’t enjoy it, I would rather go to the Garden Grill


It’s been a couple years since we’ve been there but we still mad an ADR for this December based on our last experience.


We just ate lunch @ the coral Reef ( Sept. 25th). The service was very slow, and the food was not so good. It took 1hr. 45 min. to eat lunch! We waited for everything. My first course was terrible, no one would eat it. If you are on the dining plan and you want to try it, maybe I would suggest it, but out of pocket, no way!


We went to Coral Reef last week, and were surprised by how good it was we expected much worse!!


It was damp.


First of all… Welcome to MouseBuzz:goofybounce:

I am a chef by trade, I have been in the foodservice for 27 years. I notice things differently then others, and appreciate things differently then others.
The last time we ate there was during lunch. It was a great place to cool off, and relax. I enjoyed everything that I ate, and DW did the same. If I recall, the service was fine, and the timing of bringing different courses was right on target.
My goal is to try every sit down before repeating, and I definetely have CR on my list.
If you are the experimenting type try something new. As all table service meals, you may be there a little longer. If timing is important, then eat at a counter service. Enjoy!


Keep an eye on the current menus posted at All Ears. It looks like dinner has a better menu than lunch. Hold on to your reservations, but think about making a back up plan. As you get closer, depending on reviews, keep it or dump it. I couldn’t get dinner the day I wanted, and wound up dumping my lunch reservation, mostly because of the light lunch menu.


Oh dear…you didn’t get a good table in the dry section of the restaurant, did you?


Swimming is optional.:laugh: