Coral Reef


I have just made reservations at Coral Reef for the Candle light reading with Neil Patrick Harris :wub: .

I just looked on to see the menu and I didn’t see a kids menu.

Has anyone dined here with their children? Do they have choices that are not fish for the kids?:confused:


We were there in August and I’m sure there was a kid menu. My son had an order of fries and some carrot sticks.

Here’s a link to at sample menu:
Coral Reef Kids Menu - Living Seas - Future World - Epcot


:blush: Thank you DisneyTeacher, I knew I could count on you. :wub:


Hey! It’ll be legend- wait for it-- dary! :laugh:


We were there labor day week and yes they have a kids menu. Mine thought it was the best.


My parents took my little one there last week and she had pizza and build your own ice cream sundae. They didn’t say what else was on the kids menu though.


:confused: Am I missing something here?:confused: