Coral reef


heading to disney looking for a place to eat in epcot,anything good about the coral reef…


Hi earl,
I cannot help you because I haven’t been there but here is a link to a bunch of threads that I found with our “search” option. They all have something to say about the Coral Reef restaurant :wink:


Earl, are you opne to suggestions for eating at one of the World Showcase places?


I have eaten at the coral reef and I thought it was very good but dont go there hungry!! I got a steak and it came with 2 broccolinis and a quarter size of potatoes but again it was very yummy


I had a great meal there 3 years ago and every time since it has gotten worse, to the point that I avoid it now.Atmosphere is great but you can’t eat it!! I would recomend mostly anything in World Showcase over Coral imho.


I was excited to try Coral Reef last summer but it wasn’t good for us and ended up on our very short never return list. Our service wasn’t good and my meal was awful.


Here is a picture of the steak. This isnt the one I rec but kind of gives you an idea. I never rec any carrots and the steak and potato was 1/2 that size


OH NO looks like I might have to change our ADR’s


It was good but things were very small looking. The pic above is not mine and ours didnt look anythig like that… I also seen on allears they changed the menu a bit. The crab legs sound good.


Coral Reef was my first Disney meal/restaurant! I really enjoyed the food and the atmosphere. The floor to ceiling aquarium was phenomenal and the kids really enjoyed pointing out the different creatures… as well as the scuba divers that swam by periodically. :blink: We have a lovely table on the first tier, so viewing was optimal. The restaurant itself was definitely “finer” dining (well, finer than some), but not so much that it was stuffy or not welcoming.

My only complaint was the service. The waitress was horrid, and actually argued with me :angry: for several minutes about getting french fries for my “very picky eater”. But her aside, and pixie dust flying :blush: … it was a great experience, highly recommended and will always be a memory, cuz it was my first! :wub:



We’ve had two very good meals at Coral Reef. The food was excellent and the service was average once and unbelievably good the second time. In both cases, they were very accomodating to our kids who prefer to eat off the adult menu - in smaller portions. They made several nice substitutions as well.

Portion size has never been an issue either.

FWIW, if you are looking for steaks - try Le Cellier.


We really like the Coral Reef.

It use to have a bad rep when it first opened, over-priced and under-whelming. But they’ve really improved! We’ve been back twice and enjoyed our meals. And the setting, if you can get close to the aquariums, is beautiful. There is this one waiter there - I don’t recall his name - he’s a - how should I put this? - ROBUST man - and he’s just so terrific, personality wise and food wise. Will bring you exactly what you want, and entertain you as well. He also “moonlights” at the Flying Fish sometimes - we’ve had him there too - and he remembered us from the Coral Reef - the year before! Now THAT’s a waiter!

The portion sizes are reasonable. That’s one of the reasons we liked it. You don’t leave feeling sick. But, I agree, if you’re looking for steak, go to LeCellier.


Not our favorite place. The service was very slow, and food was okay at best. The meal took almost 2 hrs. and it was lunch! On the plus side, the aquarium is awesome and keeps the kids interested for quite a while.


The reviews that i have heard are 50/50. B/c my DS loves fish and marine life so much we are taking a chance and going in September.

I figured Disney Dining is usually so good that we can take a chance on this one place for the ambience.



I have never been but the 50/50 opinion of everyone interests me . . .


DH and I went in Sept and loved it. We got there just in time to see the divers and it was really neat seeing them swimming in the fish tank with the fish. I highly recommend it. Both the service and food was great when we ate there.


You know now that I think of it it sort of sounds like the Aquarium Restaurant in Downtown Houston and Kemah Boardwalk. Any body been?


Don’t order food from the pool. Remember I swam in it.


were else in the world showcase…


We had a really good meal at the Coral Reef in November. I had the crab legs, DH had a steak. No not big portions, but plenty for us. Did not leave hungry.

The atmosphere is what you are paying for, kinda like a character meal. Nice environment.