Coral Reef?


This is a two part question actually…

First, I have booked an ADR for the “Coral Reef” around lunchtime. After reading many reviews about this restaurant, it seems like I’ve come across a LOT more negative reviews vs. positive reviews. Should I keep this ADR or would you recommend a better place to enjoy lunch? The allure was eating within an aquarium, but if its that “bad”, then where would a better lunch spot be at EPCOT?

Second, On the night we arrive, I have booked an ADR for “Shula’s”. Its right nextdoor to the YC (where we are staying) and they always have a nice spread. My GF suggested that I should rebook an ADR somewhere else because we have a “Shula’s” 15 min down the road from us and “we’re in Disney”… So can someone suggest a place that would have a better piece of beef comparable to “Shula’s”? I know the YC has a steak house, but is it any good (i.e better than a “Shula’s” product)? I have read that the Canadian Steak House @ EPCOT is overrated but thats strictly based on some reviews…

Just FYI, I have booked ADR’s for the week at Cape May Cafe’, Coral Reef (as mentioned above), Hollywood Brown Derby, 1900 Park Fare, Cindy’s Castle, California Grill, Rainforest Cafe (GF’s idea lol), and Kona Cafe (I didnt want to book each and every breakfast, lunch and dinner just so we could be a bit spontaneous with some of our meals being so close to EPCOT). So are there any restaurants I could try to rebook with, which may be better than Shula’s?

Thanks for your help!


The Coral Reef is a good restaurant, but, not a great one. That’s a place you eat for the atmosphere. The bad reviews more times than not are coming from people who have expected too much. It’s a good lunch place. The catfish is a very good dish. But, if you are hoping for a Shula type meal here, you aren’t going to like it. If you are expecting a Chili’s type fare with great atmosphere, you will like it.

Now, if you want a place that will probably have an opening for dinner and want your socks knocked off for a steak, and it is only adults, I HIGHLY recommend going to Artist Point at the Wilderness Lodge and having the Grilled Buffalo Sirloin Steak. If you haven’t had buffalo before, you are in for a real treat.


About your reservations. If you haven’t seen the menus for your meals, you should check out Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World. They have all of the menus listed in their dining section. If you are looking for recommendations from those menus, just ask.


If you want ot stay near your resort yet want a good meal I would think about Yachtman’s Steakhouse or Flying Fish.

We love the lounge at Yacht Club and found you can order food there and the best part is it’s cooked at Yachtman’s and you don’t need an ADR. The only time we ever saw it crowded was on Christmas eve, other than that we always find it quiet and relaxing. There are only 2 steaks on the limited menu but they are very good. There’s a cheese plate and a very good scallo appetizer as well. The rest of the menu is typical bar snacks like nachos and wings.

We read the mixed reviews but decided to give it a try anyway. It was by far the worst meal I have ever had at WDW, we will never go back. The atmosphere was great but the food and service were awful. Been there, done that.


We ate at CR last year for the first time. Service was ok, not great, but not terrible either, but I loved the food. It was probably the best tasting meal of that trip.I had the NY strip, and some of DD crab legs that she didn’t finish. YUMMY!! The desert was awesome, also- some kind of chocolate volcano cake. My DH still talks about this!! I would give it a try. It is one meal, you never know, it may not be your thing, but then again, you may love it.


I have seen very mixed review about CR. I think you should try it for yourself. If you are not seated near the aquarium wall, the view is only so-so. We got there about 5 mins. before our ressie time and still wait about 35-40 mins. they often run behind schedule. Our service was VERY slow and the food was only OK. I’m glad we tried it, however, I don’t think we would do it again.


CR is good. We only had to wait a little over our ressie time but in return we got to sit next to the tank. the food is good but not great.

I also suggest you go to Rose and Crown or Teppan Edo if you are looking for a good place for dinner.


mickey was in the tank when we ate there last may, and the look on DS’s (3 at the time) was priceless. the place went nuts as mickey went from window to window to wave to all the people eating at the time. the food is very good (not the best in disney) but it is the atmosphere that makes the place. i would definitely keep the ADr there, especially if you have kids in the party.


We really enjoyed our experience at Coral Reef. We had a great server and everyone enjoyed their food.

We did have a long wait for our table despite our ADR.


Not a great experience at CR either, in fact it was the worst meal of our trip too. Food, service, seating time, management, etc. all were much below our expectations than any other meal we have had at WDW.

Now with that being said, we absolutely love:wub: Le Cellier, the Canadian Steakhouse in Epcot. We have never had a bad meal there. The steaks and service have always been excellent. It is booked solid for a reason ~ its good.

We enjoyed the food at the Yachtsman Steakhouse too. The steaks were very good, unfortunately, the service we received the night we went was not. We would probably go back because the food was good, but IMHO if you are on the Dining plan, the 1 TS credit at Le Cellier is a much better deal than the Signature 2 TS credits for the Yachtsman.

On another note, if you like steak, the guys on our bunch really loved the Teriyaki Steak from Kona at the Poly. It was quite a suprise to find out how good the food was at Kona. We have it on our list every trip now.

Hope this helps a bit.


I really like Coral Reef. I tried it for the first time on our last trip and made adr’s there for our first meal this time. I had the crab legs and really liked them and the chocolate wave for desert is one of my favorite deserts at DW!


My family (of 12) Just ate there last year for lunch, at 4pm, and we all LOVED it. It was the prettiest atmosphere! It was decorated sooo gorgeously, and you really feel like you’re under the sea. The aquarium is an awesome experience, even if you’re all the way in the back of the restaurant you get the same experience no matter where you are. And the FOOD! Was DELICIOUS! I had jasmine chicken and it was sooo delicious! Just really great. Also, I had cheesecake for dessert, delicious! :]

And also, I don’t know where you read those reviews on Le Cellier, but those steaks are TOO DIE FOR! And I don’t even like red meat. Le Cellier is pretty much the only place I’ll eat a steak. It’s sooo great. But it is really hard to get a reservation there! But those are my suggestions, I hope they helped at all!


We went to CR and were very disappointed. I think maybe I was expecting too much. Even with that said, I think you should keep your lunch adr, the atmosphere should be experienced, it was nice to look at the aquarium. I was disappointed, once was enough.


We ate there over christmas. I had booked ahead and was able to get them to bring a sign down into the tank to says merry Christmas to my DS and DD. was a very good meal I thought. Also was able to have a special menu printed for our table. All you have to do is call ahead to the CR, they do 5 signs a day. You may get lucky and there still be space. There is a thread here somewhere with the number.


Ive read a LOT of good reviews about that place. I think I will make an ADR for one of our dinners there. Thanks for the recommendation!


Are you referring to CR?

Thank you for the suggestion! I think we may be there a time or two as well :cool:


Really?! Okay, youve sold me. Im changing my ADR’s as I type this. Wish me luck! :happy:


Yes, we had our worst meal at Coral Reef. We have enjoy Le Cellier many times, its a great steak place.



Tic tock Tick Tock (still on hold) :blink:


Wow! Worst meal… That says a LOT!

Talk about hit or miss with the ole CR! It seems like we’ll either HATE it or LOVE it!!! LOL