Coral Reef


How is the food? I read the menu on and it sounded good.


We’ve been to Coral Reef twice. The first time was terrible. We didn’t go back for years. The second time we liked it. The food was good. Not outstanding, but good. Now that it’s only one point on the Dining Plan I think it’s worth a visit. The atmosphere is beautiful.


Unfortunately the reviews I read for this place are REALLY hit or miss…so much so that I have yet to make it to an ADR there. I always end up not going or switching it for something I know I will really like. I have never heard anything consistant about the place…it’s seems like it’s bad more than good from what I read.


We really liked it when we were there this summer. I had the pork chop since I do not love seafood and it was really good. My DH had the mahi mahi and said it was one of his best meals he had on the trip. I did not think that the service was great, but she did tell us not to get the pasta and we are glad that we didn’t. Plus it was really beautiful inside looking at the fish and divers. I would go back.:mickey:


Coral Reef is one of the restaurants that gets a lot of mixed reviews. It’s one of those places you just have to try to really know if it’s for you. We at there about a year and a half ago and had an awful meal and poor service. We won’t be going back again.


We are not fans of this place. We had a similar experience to DT’s and we will not be going back either. IMO, there are too many other wonderful places to dine.


We have been three times - once with the kids and twice just two adults. We have always had a fantastic meal. But above all the atmosphere is lovely:wub:


:wub: We love the Corl Reef, the lobster bisque is great! Even picky DS loves it!


IMHO Coral Reef is the seafood version of Chef Mickey’s. If it wasn’t for the atmosphere and stuff to look at, you’d never go back. The food absolutely isn’t worth it. Just my $.02.


We ate there on our last trip and we all had a great meal :laugh: