Coral Reef


Haven’t been in years. Just happened to see the picture of the restaurant checking the web site for Epcot opening times. Looks very nice.

BUT how is the food???
Thanks in advance.



Food is mediocre. Service was poor the day we were there for lunch. The atmosphere is awesome.


I just went with Baloo for a belated Valentines Day dinner. The setting was INCREDIBLE. Service was good. The food was ok. Baloo and I both liked his dinner (rainbow trout I think) more than I liked mine (scallops). We ordered crab cakes as an appetizer and were shocked at how tiny they were for how much they cost. You’re definitely paying for ambiance here. But we don’t regret that we did it - it’s so amazing to be sitting at your table while rays, sharks, and sea turtles swim past you.

If you go, I would definitely request a table by the window.


Like any restaurant, you’ll always get good reivews and poor reviews. We love this restaurant, we’ve had great food and service and the atmosphere is amazing.
I’d definately recommend it.


I snorkeled in the fish tank - I wouldn’t eat there if I were you.

(just sayin)


[QUOTE=Boss Mouse;1069213]I snorkeled in the fish tank - I wouldn’t eat there if I were you.

(just sayin)[/QUOTE]

lol, what are you sayin? Did you see something that maybe you shouldn’t have? Please let us know, I am on the fence about this place. Thanks.


You know how to warm up a wet suit, right?


I ate here in 2009 and the food was not good and the service was equally as poor. I was disappointed but not surprised since my previous experience (back in the mid 90’s) had been the same. I agree the atmosphere is worth checking out though. I could feel ok about recommending if it were to someone who had never experienced it and went in not expecting awesome food. For me, it’s a place to do once and then leave it be for 8-10 years.


We have eaten here 3 times, and all 3 times it was good. Nothing that I would say I HAVE to have again, but good. We are not going there this trip, because it isn’t something any of felt we had to do again. But, I do feel that everyone should try it atleast once just for the atmosphere.


We took the kids there October 2010, and the atmosphere was great. The food was ok, thought it would have been better. The service was the problem with us, family of 4 took over 2 hours to get out of there. Like the prior posts, it’s hit or miss. You might have a great experience, but you might not, the chance you take with any place. I am happy to have tried it, but wouldn’t go back…