Coral Reef


I am looking over restaurants and I have never been to Coral Reef at Epcot and was curious on opinions people have about the food and service at Coral Reef.



We went there on our last trip and thought it was pretty good and we all loved looking at the aquarium. Sorry I can’t remember what I got to eat…or what anyone else got:pinch:

I would go again if that helps.:happy:


we go each trip and always have a good meal and service. the stake is fantastic but of course sea food is the specialty.


Coral Reef does not, generally, get very good reviews. The atmosphere is beautiful especially if you get a table next to the Aquarium. The food is just not that good - and certainly not worth the money. Portions are on the very small size. The menu is quite limited. We’ve eaten there twice. The first time we thought “meh” but decided to give it another chance - it wasn’t any better the second time. I wouldn’t go back again.


We only went once and were not impressed. As others have said, the view of the aquarium is wonderful, but the food was not great and prices were outrageous, even by WDW standards. Now this was years ago, so perhaps things have improved since then, but with so many other wonderful places to eat there, we were just never tempted to try it again.


Last time we ate there was 2 years ago. I wasn’t happy with the food quality the last 3 times we ate there. I’m sure you are wondering why I kept going back after the 1st bad experience, we thought we would give it another try. The food really wasn’t any better. The 3rd time I was with my nieces (14 and 12), and although I told them the food wasn’t very good they had never eaten there and wanted to experience it for themselves. Watching the fish while you eat is a lot of fun, (especially if you have small children) but once you’ve seen it, it isn’t that exciting.


We went a few years back, we loved the atmosphere. I can’t remember what we ate, but I know that we all enjoyed it.


We’ve done it several times and thoroughly enjoyed it. We found the service to be above “Disney Average” and the food was good. Wait staff was very accommodating to all requests and they were attentive to the children. Always a plus in my book.

The menu was as expected - heavy on the seafood, with a couple dining alternatives offered. As noted above, they even tailored a nice Mahi-Mahi dish that wasn’t specifically on the menu for my little one (6yo at the time).

Portion sizes weren’t an issue - matching most upscale restaurants we’ve dined in.

*** Your mileage may vary *** :pirate:


We went once and would not go again. I am not a food expert by any stretch of the imagination, for me a great WDW meal is the meatloaf over at the 50s Diner in MGM.

The food was not spectacular, the service was actually sub-par, and the price was just way to high for what we got.

The fish tank was cool, but I can go to the Shed Aquarium in Chicago if I want to look at fish. As stated above YMMV.



Thank you everyone for your advice!! I’ve been hearing bad reviews on a lot of Disney’s resturants that are more expensive; i.e. small portions, food not worth the money, etc. Just trying to get an idea of resturants that we have not been to that might be worth trying this time around. Thank you again!!


A word about what are seen as small portions.
I spoke with the executive chef at Artist Point a few years back when I’d ordered a scallop based entree and was a little let down that there were only three scallops, albet very large ones.
What he told me was that the general guideline for the protein portion of an entree (you know, the meat or fish) is around 6 ounces and the scallops they served were all at least two ounces a piece.
Six ounces is a pretty good portion. Usually at home I try to serve steaks that are around a half pound and when I make burgers, I try to make quarter pounders and then cook two for myself but usually only one for the wife.
With fish, it’s easy to cut back to 6 ounces as there isn’t the same amount of fat and gristle on a salmon fillet as there is on a rib eye.

I haven’t been back to Coral Reef in years mostly because their menu is greatly abbreviated from what was offered prior to 2005 and the MYW dining plan.
Much as I’d love to return, the lame menu is what keeps me away.


The one “big ticket” resturant we went to that we really liked was Crystal Palace. The service was way above average and the food was outstanding ( for mass produced food ).

I have also had a GREAT steak at the Yachtsman Steakhouse which is at the Yacht Club Resort. ) Of course that was paid for by a vendor, but it was a great meal.



Soundgod: That makes sense and I can see that; I can also relate to the small menu, that does make it less appealing. I think people tend to associate paying more means you get more. Thank you for the info!

GrumpyDad: We are definitely going to the Crystal Palace with the kids; I have not been in years but the last time I went I remember how good the food and service was so we made sure that was on our list! :happy: I will look into the Yachtsman Steakhouse, thank you for the suggestion!