Coranado Springs or Pop Century


We are planning to go from april 27th through May 3rd and have 2 kids 1 is 5 and the other is 1.5. Is one better than the other. My wife and i want a nice place to stay but have some activities for the kiddies as well.

thanks for any suggestions


Those are the only two places we’ve stayed. PC was first when DS was 8. CSR was second, when he was 10. We’re going again this spring and he requested to stay at PC because it was way more fun for him. CSR, being a convention resort, was too grown up for his tastes. Not as kid-friendly even though the pool was pretty cool. So, PC it is for us!! Hope this helps.


Pop would be a good place for the kids…like smee57 said CSR is not really kid-friendly. We have stayed at both(love them), but we don’t have kids.


I disagree, CSR is very kid friendly. Check out my CSR website below for pics and info.

The lifeguards usually have things going on during the day at the main pool with the kids.

I’ve seen them do some treasure hunts in the sand area by the playground too. They would bury items for the kids to search for. They also did water games with the kids. The lifeguards involved them in daily games & craft projects.

They also do the pool opening ceremony each day involving the kids.

Things that cost money at the surrey bikes, water mice, fishing and caricature drawings.


Plus CSR’s main pool area has a playground, arcade, and sand volleyball court.


I think kids would prefer POP, I as a parent would prefer Coronado.


I know the kids would not enjoy the 8 bus wait I had in my one stay at POP. This was after the epcot fireworks. The food court was so packed at 8:30 that we skipped it. No slide at the pool.

POP for me was ok, better than staying off site. But after 18 trips to DW, I rate it well below the moderates.


I would go with a smaller resort like POFQ, but since it’s not on your list, I pick CSR. I think it’s a bit nicer (rooms size and things to do) than POP. If you intend to spend more time at your resort (from the way you worded your question it does), I would go with a mod over a value. To me a value is for when you don’t intend to spend much time at your resort.


Same here. POFQ is so small and easy to get around. No matter what building you are in you are a short walk from the main area and with little kids I think that’s important.


I have never stayed at CSR, but it does look lovely and the pool looks great. Last Sept we stayed at Pop for our very 1st WDW trip and we loved it. I was very very leary going in due to reading a lot of bad things about the buses and lines in the food court etc. I was very pleasantly surprised. When we went we did not have a problem with this at all. Most bus waits were under 10 min from the resort and 15 from the park. Sometimes we did have to wait because a bus was full, but another bus was usually pulling right up as the full one was pulling out. And many many times we were on almost empty buses or we were walking right up to the bus stops as the buses were arriving with no waits at all.

The food court was busy in the mornings, but we always had a table and the selection was pretty good. In the evenings and afternoons it was much quieter. The pools were nice and there are 3 big pools spread thru out the resort, there are no pool slides. There is also a nice kiddie pool area that is shallow with water shooting up with seating around it for the parents, we spent a lot of time here. Another great area for little kids is the Goofy Pop up Jets. Our 3 yr old loved these and whenever we walked by day or night little ones were having a blast here.

The part that our 3 yr old loved best was the theming. He loved all the giant icons in each decade. His favourite being the giant big wheel. Pop is also overlooking a lake which is nice for a walk in the evenings. We had a top floor room in building 6 overlooking the lake and we found it was a nice quiet spot.

We liked Pop so much that we are booked to go back for our second trip this year. I thought it was a great value for the money we paid. One day when our son is older it would be fun to try a moderate. But with small children I highly recommend Pop. It’s a lot of fun!

Have fun making your decision.


We have stayed at both. The pools at PC while themed, have no slide. The CSR pool is really great. CSR also has a hot tub. As far as activities go, PC doesn’t have any that I’m aware of. There are more things to do at CSR. PC is nice for eye candy, though! When $$ are tight, we are very happy to stay at PC. Overall though, we prefer CSR.


I haven’t stayed at Pop, but have stayed at CSR, and if I had to choose between those two, I’d choose POP.


Kim, you took the words right out of my mouth. :happy:

Coming from a girl who usually stays in a 1200 square foot villa off site, I was SO worried about how the 4 of us would fit in the small 200 somewhat square foot room. :huh: My DS was just shy of 6 and DD was 2. I have to say, we had enough room even with the double stroller open by the door! We put all of our clothes away and stored all of our suitcases up on the shelves in our closet. We even had a pack and play in the room, and we STILL were fine. The kids ABSOLUTELY loved the theming of this resort! And the food court simply could not be beat, IMHO. We ate at least one meal or snack there EVERY day. I am really picky and I just loved this place. I would totally stay there again.

Funny quick story…I told my DS that the next time we were going to WDW, we would be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. He started CRYING saying how much he wanted to stay at POP Century!!! :laugh:


LOL Kim,
So true. We kept our stroller open at the door too, near the DIS swap fridge. We found we had plenty of space and I really overpacked. The room makes really efficent use of space. We also requested bed rails for Noah and they worked great. I really enjoyed the food court too. The sugar cookie is a great use of a snack credit esp with a nice cup of tea in your refillable mug. That was my favourite. The twinkie tiramasu and tie die cheese cake were yummo. Noah loved the frozen blue slushies. Next time we hope to try one of those Mom’s night out dinners. This trip we are actually planning more sit down lunches and breakfasts in the parks, so we can enjoy more relaxed dinners at Pop and then head back out again.

Awww that’s cute about your son saying he wanted Pop again. I bet he will just love seeing the animals though.


Kim, I loved having the DIS swap fridge. Glad I got to pass it to you! :happy:

I have to totally agree on the tie dye cheesecake…YUM!!! I am not a coffee girl, so tiramisu was out. And we never did get to try the Mom’s night out dinners. But we must have tried EVERYTHING else! And we loved EVERYTHING. :laugh:

During that trip, we went into the quick service location at the Grand Floridian (with the gameroom attached) and I was SO disappointed in what they were offering for breakfast! There were 5 choices (something like that) and at POP there were 20! No comparison! And POP’s game room ROCKED!!! :laugh:

Anyway, DS will come around about staying at AKV. He doesn’t think we are going for another year and a half, but we’re going for Thanksgiving…it will be a surprise for him. I’m sure once there, he will LOVE it!


This is exactly what I was going to say!



We booked a great deal at POP for $1,100 for 7 days 6 nights including room and park tickets. It is nice to have hook ups!


that does sound like a great deal - good job!! we enjoyed POP, i’m sure you will too!


That’s a great deal! Congrats! :biggrin:

POP is a really cool resort…you will find all sorts of things that make you chuckle as you check out the different buildings. And it’s lots of fun to enjoy the music playing all around the resort…adds an extra touch to the theming. :happy:


Awesome deal! :cool: Hook ups? :confused: Good for you!!! :cool:


Congratulations! Pop is a great resort to bring kids - there are kids everyone and no one seems to mind loud kids, etc. It is very kid friendly. The rooms are a little smaller than the moderates that I have stayed in, but the same disney feel and an awesome price!

We just returned from our trip and we once again had trouble with the bus lines (once from magic kingdom and once from hollywood studios). They quickly remedied both situations and sent a couple of buses in a row (even sent a mears bus to the studios). I am not sure what the issue is, no other hotels had long lines, can’t explain it, but can complain about it.

Other than that, it was great, enjoy your trip! We are going back next year to the same hotel, so it really wasn’t that bad :blush: