Coronado Springs Adjacent Room Question


Does anybody know if you can request connecting doors between adjacent rooms at CSR? We are getting a room for 4- 2adults and 2 children plus my mother is coming and would like a room adjacent to ours. We are thinking about CSR as an option.

Also, does anyone know of any other moderate or value disney hotels that offer adjacent rooms? This may be one determining factor as to where we stay.


Book two rooms under your name. IF you have two children and three adults and are booking two rooms, they will give you connecting rooms. Don’t book your mother’s room seperate. They won’t guarantee the connecting ones. I booked two rooms at AKL for me, my DBF, his son and my daughter and they were connecting rooms. WDW does not want kids in a room alone far from parents…lol


50% of the rooms at CSR are adjoining.


They do not guarantee but almost always give connecting, call 3 days before arriving to “remind” them, they get reservations from central reservations about 5 days before.


Thank you for your info.


Great tip . . . thanks! I was once told that 90% of the rooms at WDW connect so your odds are good!! :laugh: If what I was told is TRUE!! :blush: