Coronado Springs questions


Hubby and I were thingking of staying here, but I have heard so many mixed things. I was told that when you leave the resorts in the evening, this resort has the first bus stop outside the park gates. I know it seems a little lazy, but my mother in law will be with us, and it will be a lot easier for her.

Is there any truth to this?

Also, I’m hearing a lot of bad things about the food court and the restaurant there, anyone have any tips here? We usuallly love to eat breakfast at the hotel food court, but I’ve heard a lot about the confusion and bad quality of the food here… I’m not sure now.


We rented a car so I’m not aware of the bus situation but the food was good with lots of variaty. I went for a conference and found it to be very comfortable and convienent. My wife liked it better than the Carribean Beach resort just because everything was close.


Also, its mostly all on one level unless you get a second floor room. Very wheelchair/walker accessable.


My favorite Moderate resort!


We stayed here in October of 2006. The bus stop I believe varied from park to park. Some being very close, others a good walk.

We thought the food was great. The pepper market is a counter service credit and the quality of food compared with others was excellent. Althought we never ate breakfast here.
We also ate the the sit down rest. and everyone loved the food and service. I would recommend it.
Also because it is a convention center, it offers more then the other moderate resorts.


This resort is HUGE. There are several stops within the resort, so you probably won’t walk too far from the bus stop to your room, but from your room to the food court - PREPARE TO WALK. We enjoyed the food while we were there, but it was years ago. At the time we had small children (5 & 3) and it was WAY too much walking for us. Just to get coffee in the morning was a major hike. We much prefer POFQ for a moderate. Nice and small - everything is close.


Other than the POFQ, this resort is smaller than POR and CBR, all moderates.


We’ve stayed at CSR 2x and our third will be this Christmas!

The rooms are a nice size, there is a coffee pot and fridge in the room.

The Pepper Market has a LOT of variety and there is also a sit down dining that has a DELICIOUS buffet breakfast in the morning!

Check for the menus.

As far as big . . . it is a big resort . . . but we like it because the grounds are beautiful, and it’s nice just to stroll around . . . the POOL is awesome too!

There are golf cart stops along the path with benches, where you can sit and wait for a cart to pick you up and drive you to where you want to go. Last time we were there they were pretty frequent!

I’m not sure about the buses from the resort, because we drive.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed . . . :heart:


I have never stayed there, but we ate at Maya Grill (their sit down restaurant) twice last trip…it was a last minute add on and we cancelled another ADR to go back again. That’s how much we loved it!!! This upcoming trip, it’s my first ADR when I get onto Disney property. I also plan on trying Pepper Market for a CS meal, too! The resort is REALLY nice, and I would definitely stay there one day. DH even liked it. :laugh:


We stayed there back in 2001 and loved it. It is our favorite of the moderate resorts. The Maya Grill Restaurant is very good and the grounds are beautiful. We stayed in the Cabanas (building 8A) and were very close to a bus stop, the main pool and the El Centro building. We really love the Coronodo Springs resort. Now that we have two kids, we opt to stay at the value resorts to accomodate their interests and our pocket book.:happy:


Stayed at CSR a couple of years ago…seemed really big, spread out compared to even PORS. I really liked this resort, but my DD and DH didn’t really care for it. I thought the grounds were beautiful. There are several bus stops within the resort and since it’s a convention center, it does have a different atmosphere - just not quite as
“Disney-ish”. I’m trying to get my family to give CSR another chance. It was just different to them, but a great resort.


Coronado Springs has “only” 1,788 rooms. CBR has 2,112, and POR has 2,048.
When dealing with this many rooms, I wouldn’t exactly say CSR is much smaller.
POFQ on the other hand has 1,008 rooms, and I would say that is appreciably smaller, especially when you consider that POFQ is serviced by just one bus stop while there are 4 on the grounds of the other three. (Sadly, POFQ usually has to share all it’s buses except MK with POR).


This is our favorite resort (we’ve stayed seven times and have already booked number eight for next September during free dining). The Pepper Market is set up differently than the other food courts at the resorts (except maybe Caribbean–I know they have several “stations”). But at the CSR you get a ticket to take with you to your food station and they stamp it with your choice (if you want to pm me I can explain better to you).

If you want to be close to the food court, ask for Castias 1 or 3. We were in Casitas 3 last month (we were upgraded to a suite, otherwise we normally stay in Casitas 4 or 5). From our room location this year, it literally took me less than two minutes to walk to the food court. If we were in Casitas 4 or 5, it normally took me about five to six minutes to walk to the food court.


Would not stay there again. Stayed there last year would rather stay at ASM.


Hollywood Studios - Bus Stop 6 (1st stop) - 6 min ride once leaving resort
AK - Bus Stop 8 (middle) - 6 min ride once leaving resort
MK - Bus Stop 10 (1st) - 10 min ride once leaving resort
Epcot - Bus Stop 7 (2nd) - 7 min ride once leaving resort
BB - Bus Stop 6 (middle) - 3 min ride once leaving resort


Just got back from CSR what two weeks ago, there are 4 bus stops. And the bus stops at the parks vary in distance to the front gates, but they aren’t a 2 mile walk.

I love the resort and we are planning on going back.


This site has about all you want to know about Coronado Springs but were afraid to ask.

Unofficial Coronado Springs Resort Website


[QUOTE=dac921;890809]Just got back from CSR what two weeks ago, there are 4 bus stops. And the bus stops at the parks vary in distance to the front gates, but they aren’t a 2 mile walk.

I love the resort and we are planning on going back.[/QUOTE]

So glad you liked it! I told you it was a nice relaxing resort! We like it too and are going back in December! :heart:



  1. beautiful resort
  2. food court (did breakfast 2 or 3 days)
  3. pool


  1. Distance from room to food court/main building
  2. Had several bus issues (45 minute waits an hour before emh mornings at Epcot and MGM). Guess that could happen anywhere.


The food was wonderful we had breakfast there a few times. We didn’t have a major wait for the bus.