Coronado Springs Review


Just got back from an 11 night stay at the Coronado Springs in Casitas 4. I have nothing but good things to say about it. It was a beautiful resort and was well maintained. The maids always did a great job cleaning our rooms, the castmembers at check in were great and the bellhop that took our luggage to our room was extremely helpful and friendly.

Yes, the resort is large, but it is easy to get around with 4 bus stops and a CM on a golf cart circuling the resort and giving people rides around.

I ate at the Pepper Market once. It was a bit overpriced but the food I had was good and the rest looked good as well.

The buses ALWAYS came quickly. I never had to wait longer than 15 minutes for a bus to get to or from the parks.

The pool and slide at the dig site were fun but I prefered the quiet pool near our room.

The luggage room to put your bags before your transportation to the airport comes was fabulous! They came right to our room to take the bags away and it took less than a minute to get them out.

Overall, a great resort (Especially with the AP rate I got!) that I will definitely stay at again!


Glad to see you enjoyed your stay!! CSR is an awesome resort.


Shhhh! Don’t tell everyone about CSR. lol I’am so happy you enjoyed CSR. We stay there almost every time we are at WDW. Joe


I am so glad you enjoyed the CSR. DH and I just love that Resort.
Going back real soon to the CSR!!! JOANN


I’m happy that you enjoyed the resort. Some people here have had less than positive experiences there,so it is good to see that someone had a good time.


I am really missing WDW right ow, and I have been reviewing Disney resorts. I have never stayed at CSR, but I found it to be the nicest looking resort I saw, from pictures. I have never liked the look of CSR, from the front, but am seriosuly considering it for our next trip.


We’ve stayed there last October and loved it. The pool, the Market Place…everything. Being a convention hotel, the prices are abit higher, but worth it (even my DW’s pedicure…ouch)
And my oldest DS loves it!