Coronado Springs


What can anyone tell me about Coronado Springs?
Is it true you have to pay a fee or tip at the food court:pinch:


In 2008 didn’t have to pay a fee or leave a tip. When you enter the food court there are several stations (i.e. mexican, chinese, etc.) but you pick your meal from one station. Each person in your party can choose whatever station they prefer. Perhaps if you tried to get something from each station there was an additional charge.


isn’t that usually like at any other food court minus the additional charge? know what I mean? you can pick where you want to eat from at the stations then go to the register and use your dining plan or POPocket, right?
i am missing something? why would they charge an additional charge?


Sorry, now that I read my post again it does sound a little confusing. You’re not missing anything I’ve just slept since then…LOL


According to AllEars there is a 10% gratituty automatically added to your bill at Pepper Market one of the restaurants at Coronado Springs.


i’ll have to check allears, i keep forgetting about that site, thank you!


At the PM, you are seated by a host/hostess (no searching for a table), you get served your drinks & refills, they have a variety of frozen drinks and beers, you get real plates and silverware, steak, ribs and shrimp cocktail on the menu and the clear your table for you.


is it considered a QS dining meal? That’s awesome.


Last I looked, it was.
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[QUOTE=cowanfamily;1044903]is it considered a QS dining meal? That’s awesome.[/QUOTE]Yes it is.


We went last March. It is a bit confusing the first time you enter Pepper Market.
You get a ticket, there’s waitresses that serve drinks, you pay at the end of the meal…:wacko: It’s craziness :laugh::laugh:!!!
I did feel the need to tip at night, well I did tip at night. Our waitress had come to our table several times she was very nice. I want to say we left a few dollars.
I really liked the breakfast a Pepper Market :wink:


When CS opened in 1997 the pay as you leave was in response to complaints from the other food courts. At times when the food courts are really busy there are two issues. The first is, as you wait in line your food gets cold so paying as you leave eliminates that issue. The second issue was setting. People would leave the counter area and search for a table. While this seems minor I think there was a consideration to eliminate that slightly chaotic aspect of the food court area because this was a convention resort.
Another thing to remember is that Disney does not run this food court, it is run by an outside entity.
A lot of the food at this food court is cooked to order so sometimes the “server” will bring you your food so you don’t have to stand at the station waiting for it.
We have made several trips to CS to have a nice lunch. They have some unique offerings not found in other food courts on property and the staff is always very friendly. The extra cost is the biggest downside. Similar service is offered a Wolfgang Puck’s Express over at DTD but they don’t add a charge to the bill.