Coronado Springs


More CSR rehab Info
Now – Feb. 18, 2011: The exterior of the Casitas buildings will be repainted. Each of the Casitas buildings will be repainted in a phased approach (weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Buildings will remain open to Guests. All work will be done using lifts and ladders, no scaffolding.

Jan. 4-28, 2011: Cabanas Bus Stop will undergo concrete replacement.

Jan. 7 – Feb. 3, 2011: Casitas Lion Fountain will be resurfaced

Jan. 18 – Feb. 11, 2011: Cabanas Leisure Pool will undergo resurfacing and deck cleaning. Dig Site Feature Pool and other quiet pools remain open.

Jan. 19 – Feb. 11, 2011: Casitas Guest Laundry will undergo interior refurbishment. Other laundry rooms will remain available.

Lastly, the perimeter road repaving will begin soon and all pool signs will be redone.


Thanks for the info. Just want to point out, that although there may be complaints about prices going up, at least we see where the money is going. Glad Disney is keeping up with maintenance and refurbs.


Very true! I’d rather save for a little longer for a trip in a beautiful, updated park, then go more often and see the quality of the vacation deteriorate. I love that they are keeping the parks attractive and updated.