Cosmicwaves' TR...The good, bad, and ugly!


Ok all, here is my TR.
Me: Cosmic
DH: Tim
Friend: Jessica (Will refer to her as DFJ) She lives in Orlando, and works for the Mouse.
January 5-11, 2006

Day 1 (Thursday):
DH and I departed cold and dreary Hartford shortly after 8pm. Our Southwest flight was uneventful, and we landed in Orlando just after 11pm. We called DFJ to come and meet us at the airport, and once she arrived we were off to her apartment to call it a night.

I know this was such a horrible teaser, but day 2 at MK coming soon…


Just like dangling a pin in front of me…yes, it is a horrible tease!


Gee thanks Cosmic, that was…um…great.

Forget this, I’m going to lunch :tongue:


Wow…how magical…how amazing…how… :pinch: …Just kidding…can’t wait to hear more :tongue:


how soon?? gee come on …give us more


Mean spirited! That is all a teaser is! Mean spirited! :dry: :tongue:


You tease! lol kidding. Can’t wait to read the rest. :heart:


Day 2 (Friday) MK:
We woke up around 8:00, ate some breakfast, and headed to MK. It was bright and sunny outside, but it was CHILLY! The temps were in the mid to upper 50’s…too cold for Florida! :eek: I was surprised to see that the Christmas tree was still up at MK, and the Main St decorations were still up too. It was nice to see because the last 2 times I went in January, the decorations had already been taken down. Of course, we had to head straight into Adventureland so that I could have my first ride of the trip be POTC…YAY! I love this ride. I don’t feel like I’m really at WDW until I see those grizzly pirates. (There was no wait by the way)
Anywho…after riding with the pirates, we trekked over to Splash, and took a ride in honor of dhoughton and honeybear! Again, no wait! DFJ sat in front, and DH and I were in the 2nd row. I thought…”ok, good, I’m in the 2nd row, I won’t get too wet…” HA! My lovely friend decides to duck her head down as soon as we get to the bottom of the briar patch…sooooo….this means that instead of hitting her in the face, the water flies over the top of her, and smacks right into my face. My shirt was completely dry, but my hair looked like a drowned rat!!! It was like someone threw a bucket of water directly in my face…Ah well!
Next we went next door and took a ride on BTMRR. (This one had about a 15 minute wait.) It was fun as usual, except for the annoying Brazilian student group who insisted on chanting and singing the ENTIRE way through the line!!! How annoying!! As if that weren’t enough, when we were exiting the ride, one of the girls that was in the group practically shoved me over trying to catch up to the rest of the group. Apparently, it was too hard to say excuse me. :nonono2:
After that, we decided it was CHURRO TIME!!! YEEEEHAAA! :happy: Ok, I’ll control myself now…I just love those little Churros! After the snack break we went over to HM where we only had to wait a few minutes before we moved our wretched bodies into the dead center of the room. Then it was on to the Doombuggies, and some how, all 3 of us were able to squeeeeeeeeeeze into one doombuggy…we looked like a can of sardines!
We then had to pay a visit to the evil dolls since I hadn’t seen them since the refurbishment, and DH has never been…he wasn’t impressed…and I must say, I didn’t notice much of a difference except for the entrance. The dolls are still evil, and always will be.
We got hungry again, and decided to have lunch at Cosmic Ray’s. DH and I had the BBQ pulled pork, and DFJ had a veggie burger. Considering it was fast food, it was pretty good!
We then got FPs for Space Mt because the wait time was 1 hour…blah! To waste some time, we took a ride on the PeopleMover…very relaxing as usual. Tried to ride the Indy Speedway, but it was a 30 minute wait, and we didn’t feel like waiting, so we went to Main St to do some browsing in the shops.
We then took the Monorail over to Epcot with the intention of coming back to the MK to ride Space Mt with our FPs. By the time we got to Epcot, we were all really tired, and decided to call it an early day, and head out around 3:00. I know what you’re thinking…3:00??? In our defense, DFJ got us into the park for free, so we weren’t technically wasting any money. Besides…several more days of fun were ahead of us…
On the way back to DFJ’s apartment, we stopped at the grocery store to get some food for the week. For dinner, we ordered some Chinese, and after that we watched the 40 Year Old Virgin…pretty funny, but I was expecting a bit more.

Tomorrow is Epcot…coming soon!


So far so good, Cos. So far not much ugliness, but I’m wating for it. Those student groups are notorius at WDW… Let me guess, did they all have matching t-shirts on?

Great TR so far, and you even threw in a movie review free of charge!


YEA!!! Fun fun fun…More please…do have any pictures? :smile:


Yes, they were all wearing black and yellow shirts, with matching black and yellow backpacks, and the cult, I mean group leader, was holding a black and yellow flag… :wacko:

yes, the movie review was my bonus to you all!


I do have pics, and hopefully by the end of the TR I’ll get them up here.


Awesome day one. I can’t wait to read more. :heart:


Keep it coming. The only ugly part I saw was leaving the park at 3! :eek:


Yea!!! Pictures :smile:


mmmm…CHURROS!!! Great TR so far, can’t wait to read more:)


Great start! I agree why can’t people say excuse me :sad:


Day 3 (Saturday) Epcot:
Started the day by waking around 8:00 again, and grabbing some breakfast before we head out for another COLD day, this time at Epcot.
We encountered a bit of traffic getting into Epcot due to the ½ marathon that was going through the park at the same time we wanted to get in. It took almost ½ hour to get into the Epcot parking lot (we will encounter more marathon problems tomorrow :nonono2: ). Once we got into the park, we hurried over to Soarin where we found an hour wait, so we grabbed FPs, and headed over to see Figment, but he was temporarily malfunctioning, so we went into HISTA because DH has never seen it. That show is soooooooo outdated its not even funny. The movie was out so long ago, that I don’t even think the kids even knew that it was a movie.
After the show we headed towards Test Track, but the wait was too long, so we decided to come back tomorrow in order to ride it before it went down for refurbishment on Monday…well that was our plan anyway, but the “ugly” had different plans for us. :ninja:
We walked around World Showcase for awhile…beautiful as usual…I just love it there!
We grabbed some lunch at the counter service in Morocco. I had a chicken wrap, DH had a lamb sandwich, and DFJ had the vegetarian platter. Everything was very good.
Our FPs were ready for Soarin, so we rushed over only to find that they were having “minor technical difficulties” and the Fast Pass time would take a little longer than normal. I think we waited about 25 minutes, which was better than the 2 hour and 20 minute wait for standby. :eek:
Soarin was very cool, I just wish 1) It was longer, and 2) It was the whole U.S. instead of just California. It will be changing over to the U.S. after the 50th celebration is over.
Figment was back up and running so we rode that (kind of boring, but cute).
DH kept smelling the roasted pecans all day, so he got some of those, and I got a Mickey Premium bar before heading into the Living Seas. We didn’t see Turtle Talk, we just walked around. In my opinion, the Living Seas is desperately in need of something. I don’t know what, but its kind of pathetic.
Since we knew we’d be back to Epcot, we decided to leave, and go play mini golf at Winter/Summer Land. We played the Summer course, and of course, I won! :tongue:
Tonight was the last night for Osbourne Lights, and DFJ wanted to get some pics, so we went over to MGM. We saw Indiana Jones, and then headed over to see the lights. Those are a LOT of lights!!! Very impressive. The soap bubbles that they shoot out in lieu of snow are kind of annoying though. DH went to kiss the top of my head, and got soap in his mouth instead.
It was quite cold, so we headed back to the apartment and made some dinner. (Angel hair pasta with garlic sauce and a side of turkey sausage if you’re wondering). DFJ had to work the next day, so DH and I were going to come back, and ride ToT tomorrow, YES I’M FINALLY GOING TO RIDE IT! Or so I thought. Again, the ugly had other plans for us. :noo:

Tomorrow: AK turns ugly


hmmm now I am on the edge of my seat


Yeah…great cliffhanger!!! Can’t you just hear the music…
dant dant daaaaaaaaaaaaaa… :ninja: