Cost for adding Park Hopper days


So, Disneyland won! I finally have confirmation and the hotel is booked (hilton convention center with disneyland view :wub: ), airline tickets all purchased and was trying to purchase the park tickets. Trying to nail my DH down to specifics so I could plan has made me want to pull all my hair out … he hasn’t been as cooperative as I would have liked, and I need to plan - it’s an obsessive compulsion! :eek: They only have 5 day hopers available!!! :crying: I only wanted 7 day hoppers … that’s not asking for too much, is it?

I called and was told that they will add days to the hopper at Town hall guest services when we get there. She did not know how much it would be to add days though. Does anyone know what it costs to add days to a Hopper in this way? I may not need the extra days, but I like to have the option of maybe just going over to see a show or something late if we want.

I have a new countdown … so excited!!!


I actually just looked it up on the travel site and it doesn’t have that option. It must be something special they can only do on property, so I have no answer for you. Try calling guest services again.


Thanks for looking that up for me Dana! She did say it was a special service, but I will try calling again and see if I can get more specifics.