Cost of Donalds Safari Breakfast?


does anyone know what the character breakfast buffet prices will be for this? I’ve exceeded my dining plan credits & I’m figuring which meals we’ll pay for out of pocket, LOL. :blink:


Do you mean the new one at Tusker House?


Yup. We’ll be there Monday March 31st. Can you tell I’m a little excited to finally have a vacation??


No, I couldn’t tell at all.:wink: :happy:

We will be trying it out in November, I will be happy to let you know the details then, but is over a month away. I am guessing the pricing will be about the same as the other buffet breakfasts on property.


Do I have to make it to 100 posts before I get the ability to have a countown in my siggy? lol


Yes, I think so. But, you have been here since 2003!!! Get posting!!

I just checked, and the buffet at the old Donald’s was $18.99/adults, $10.99 for children.


$18.99/$10.99 is standard for all character breakfast buffet meals.
Breakfast is the WORST meal to blow your table credits on. Better to pay that one out of pocket and use the credit for an expensive dinner to get more value for your dollars.


I know, but, we eat BIG at breakfast & usually skip dinner. True! We’re having dinner at Liberty Tree (fave spot) and we’re going to try Biergarten, since Dh was born in Germany & I’ve been there twice. I know it’s not a favorite spot as far as dinners are concerned, but that’s fine. The rest of the dinners, we don’t have reservations on purpose. Seriously, eat like a King at breakfast & like a pauper for supper. That’s our weight loss plan. LOL


Baby, to each his or her own. Whatever works for you is what’s best.


Beirgarten is a favorite of ours! I agree maybe not the best food on property but the fun and big beer make up for it!!
Enjoy your trip!


I want to say $16.99 or $17.99 for adults…$10.99 for kids. This is the best chracter meal to pay OOP for…it’s the cheapest one.


Here is a link to allears. I hope it works for ya

Donald’s Breakfastsaurus Character Breakfast - Animal Kingdom


Hey, I figured we’re going to pay for the Castle breakfast out of pocket, because it’s 2 credits & breaks down to $16.50/adult & $10.99/kid when you divide the cost by 2. I think we’d save a little bit of money by paying for this breakfast out of pocket & saving the 2 credits for the expensive dinners. That’s my plan … I know it’s only a few dollars, LOL … Have I mentioned I’m way too analytical sometimes?:mellow:


Any saved money is good. :happy:


This is what I’ve been saying. Pay breakfast out of pocket and save the credits for more expensive meals.
It’s not a few dollars, a sit down dinner should be equal to the DDP daily cost, that is, $38 for entree, appetizer, dessert, beverage, tip, and tax.


I know, I know, bless your heart … thank you for your concern. tee hee. I’ve written out the costs for every scheduled meal so far. When it comes down to it, my DH doesn’t give a rip … but I do. Thanks for your help.:happy:


Sometimes it doesn’t pay to purchase the dining plan. Not to throw another issue into your planning, but Soundgod is absolutely correct. Unless you get the full value of it, just pay OOP.

The dining plan only works for us when it’s free. The AP room discount we get, coupled with the Disney Dining Experience card (20% off food AND drinks), make the dining plan unnecessary for us.


The DDE card works for us too. :happy:


How does one get ahold of a DDE card??:confused:


If you have an annual pass or if you are Florida resident, I believe, you can purchase the DDE card, and it allows you to receive 20% off meals, including drinks. It also works at the food courts!