Costa Maya


Has anyone taken the DC with a stop in Costa Maya? If you do not do an excursion, is there something to do by getting off the boat? I don’t think we will do an excursion there since we have a 4 year old an most excursions there seem tough on a 4 year old. Is there a town to visit informally or something like that?


I was just in Costa Maya in June. I was not on a DC:sad: but was on Royal Caribbean when we visted the port. It was our favorite port! We did not do any excursions, we just stayed at the pool in the port, which was wonderful! It had a swim up bar and restaurant and was connected to the beach. I got a massage for $30 and found some great deals at the shops right there at the complex. My DH and DS did decide to go jet skiing while we were there at the last minute and had a great time too. You will love it there…it was so relaxing.

Check out this site for some photos of the port:(click on photo gallery;then port costa maya & sun & beach)
Land of Adventures


we went in april and it was ok.but you have to remamber it is still a new port and there realy isnt that much to do there.the town square is the best part with the food and the drinks the big pool and the teq shops.
i know you said you didnt want to take an excursion but you must check out the mayan ruines in chacchoben,it was the 2nd best part of our whole trip.the 1st bing dunns river falls in sure you will have a great time.


Great Link. What did it cost to enjoy that beach area in the link? As much as I would love to see the ruins, my kids (ages 12, 10, 4) would much rather do the beach thing, I think. Any additional help you can provide would be great.


The beach and pool were free in the complex. There is also some mayan folk dancers that perform in the small ampitheater in the complex that is also free. The only thing you would need to pay for are drinks, massages, shopping, etc. We were so close to the boat, we could even go back for lunch and pay nothing for lunch. They had a tram that took us from the entrance of the complex to the boat…(that is only if you didn’t have to be tendered)…it was really easy.

We had a nice relaxing day. We chose not to do an excursion, because we were so busy at all the other ports, it was our beach day. My kids really loved the salt water pool!

I highly recommend the massages! Sign up early though…you can schedule them when you get there for any time you want right on the BEACH!!!:biggrin: There is nothing like hearing the waves crashing around you while getting a massage.

The other reason we did not do the excursion to the ruins is that is was really hot and I heard that the bugs could be bad during the jungle tour. I also felt the kids might be a little bored spending the whole day on the excursion. I guess it depends on their ages and interests, maybe next time. I would ask the children and see how they feel.

Here is another link if you would like to check out some excursions and other great photos of the port:
Port of Costa Maya Mexico Pictures


Thanks again!!!


I forgot to tell you…click on each photo on the link I just sent you to really enjoy the pictures. It also gives you an ariel view of the complex to see how everything is layed out. Have fun researching…thats always part of the excitement of planning a trip for me!

Let me know if you want any other suggestions on other ports you may be stopping at! Have fun!:pirate:


Thanks Mickeymotto. Since you offered, the other stop is Cozumel. Any Cozumel suggestions? That and we are stopping twice at Castaway Cay but there I just plan on vegging out.:laugh:


Cozumel…well…I loved to shop:wub: while we were there!:laugh: I got some great deals on jewelry. Especially the silver. If you decide to shop…do not do it at the pier here! Go out of the complex and get a taxi or van to take you to the Plaza del sol, its about an eight block long shopping area which starts inside a little mini mall, then you can walk down the street and shop til you drop. Make sure you visit Del Sol Cozumel, they have these really cool shirts and many other items that change colors in the sun! I got some great nail polish and kids got some cool shirts. If you get the book they offer you on the boat with coupons, you even get a free bag! We had great fun trying to find the deals out of the book!

Also, make a stop at Los Cinco soles. It was our favorite store! It has everything for a great price. We bought hand made blankets for $6…I wish I would have bought more! I got alot of silver here…beautiful pieces for a few bucks. Also, a great place to get reasonably priced souveinors for everyone on your list.

Late in the day we visited Paradise Beach. (Please check out first link) It was fantastic also! Everything was free. Check out the site. It is also connected to San Francisco Beach, which charges you to use their beach, but you can rent their jet skis, etc. buy just walking right over if you would like. After we were done shopping, we hailed a cab to take us right to the beach were we finished our day and had a great time!

Check out tips for taxis and reviews on these other sites to figure out what you would like to do:

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wow i didnt know cozumel was open yet,costa maya was just a backup port till cozumel got back up and looks like they are turning it into a main stop.


I have never heard of Costa Maya (but then I’ve never been on a cruise either :blush:)…where is it located?


It is in the Yucatan. Part of Mexico, south of Cozumel, north of Belize. Its very beautiful there and still not over developed like some of the other cruise ports. It was our most relaxing port of call on our last cruise. Check out the links above to see some of the photos of Costa Maya.


Thank you…it looks absolutely beautiful there!!


it is beautiful there till you leave the im not tring to say anything bad about this place but have you ever seen the save the children commericals.the roads are lined with trash and the houses well you get the pic.
i would rate it as a very good port because i felt the safest there out of any port i have been to and beleave me i have been to alot.