Costs of Adding Hopper?


I can’t seem to find it, although I know I have read it, what is the cost to add park hopper to a 5 day MYW ticket? One adult and one child. THANKS!

#2 indicated a flat $50 per ticket for hopping, regardless of how many days…


Ticket only:
5 Day MYW Base $236.43 $199.16
Hopper only:
5 Day MYW PH $289.68 $252.41
Hopper w/water parks:
5 Day MYW Premium
(5 options) $342.93 $305.66

These tics expire


Definitely worth it.


Right, it’s a $50 flat fee. So if you have a one day ticket, it’s $50 a day but if you have a 5 day ticket, it’s $10 a day and only $5 a day if you have a 10 day ticket.
It’s also the same for the waterparks and more option. That too is about a $53 upcharge, although for a one day ticket, you’re still buying two waterpark days
The killer upcharge is turning the tickets into non-expire tickets. That does increase with the amount of days on the ticket to a point where a 10 day non-hopping ticket is $452, and at that point, you’re better off buying an annual pass which will give you a year’s worth of no black out date admissions plus room and dining discounts, and unlimited hopping between the 4 main parks. That’s a shade under $500, and for an extra $138, you get to add the waterparks, Disney Quest, and free use of the 9 hole golf course at Oak Trail.


The park hopper is an essential on our vacations. We go all over the place except for the first day (we always spend the first day at the MK).


Since we were going for a limited amount of time (and since we did no hopping last visit, even though we had the hoppers), I wasn’t going to get them this time. However, as I am planning our visit, it is clear that we are going to have to get them. While I know we won’t do everything, the hoppers will give us quite a bit of flexibility for a relatively small price (compared to the rest of the trip)!


No hopper = unhappy DW. I wasn’t even allowed to consider buying a straight 1 park ticket before we started going more than 1 time a year. Now we AP.


I always buy the Park Hopper, because like it’s been said, it just gives you more flexibility for a cheap price…Since we almost always seem to spend the day at one park and the evening at another. Like going to AK during the day and spend the evening at MK to watch the fireworks/parade, things like that…


The Hawley’s sound a lot like me, both here and with regards to dining planning.


Well you know what they say Soundgod…Great minds think alike!! :slight_smile: