Costume Ideas for MNSSHP?


I’d like my DH and I to have great costumes for the party. I’ve got a few ideas, and I don’t want to spend a lot of money on them.
Any suggestions welcome!


Pirates…easy to make with stuff from home. You could go to a Halloween store and find some cool stuff too without spending to much.


You could do something couplesy…

salt and pepper shakers!!! (kidding…)

Yeah, pirates is a good, inexpensive idea. Only, I’m sure there will be a lot of pirates, so you may want something more original… I’ll think on it.


Hmmm - you’ll want something comfortable and easy to put together…I’m thinking…


You could be futuristic space people!!!

Just wear white or grey sweatsuits and wrap yourself in bubble wrap and aluminum foil!!! :laugh:

Actually, in Family Fun, there was an article on easy Halloween costumes. They made the head of the space suit with a cardboard box that they cut a hole out of in the front and spray-painted silver. It was really cute.

They also had an ipod. Adorable!

I’ll see if I can find links from familyfun website.


Here’s the “mp-me player” costume:
FamilyFun: Halloween Costumes: MP-Me Player Costume - and More Family Fun

You could make it like a mixstick, with a Mickey Mouse dial!!! It looks really simple, and it wouldn’t be hot at all.

This one’s funny:
FamilyFun: Halloween Costumes: Bubble Bather Costume - and More Family Fun

Here’s their pirate:
FamilyFun: Halloween Costumes: Pirate Costume - and More Family Fun