Could any of you go alone without your kids?


I have enough miles to get 1 free ticket. It is Delta from Indy and not non-stop. It would cost a lot to get another ticket. My obsession is so strong I keep thinking I should just go during the week in May for a few days by myself - ds6 is still in school.

I know it is just an excuse but those miles just sit around with no good option of using them. Delta does not fly much of anywhere from Indy non-stop that my family would go.

I don’t even know if it is hard to use miles - I have never done it before.

I just don’t know if I could make my son understand. He would probably freak out if he knew I was going without him.


It is HARD to find seats available if you’ve only got 25,000. Have you already checked?

As for could I go? Don’t think I could get away with it without DH! DS5… maybe. But I probably wouldn’t tell him. :angel:


We have been before without the kids when they were very young.
And much to our youngest DD horror we are going without them this July.


I would go without my boys in a heart beat. No thinking about it required. It is so much fun to do it with just adults. You can be silly without the kids rolling their eyes :wacko: and being embarrassed about us having fun



Yes, I’m afraid your DS would be traumatized.

Perhaps you should donate your miles to my Delta mileage account.

This would possibly prevent someone from having to undergo years of therapy…

And it would make me VERY happy!!! :angel:


I could not do a solo trip without DD. Now ask me again in a few years…and that may be a different story.
For me part of the magic is in her eyes.


No kids here, but I have done WDW by myself. OK, I was already at WDW on business (probably John Denver’s last ever appearance in Florida) and wife and I were just at WDW only two weeks earlier. I’ve been to Universal by myself even more times, including a one week convention for Seagrams at Universa at the 7 month old Portofino Bay Hotel (about a month before the merger of Vivendi and Seagrams) and several surgical side trips while I was in Orlando for a pick-up/delivery at one of the nearby lighting companies.


I have every intention of going it alone. Some day. When my kids and hubby turn to me and say “Not Disney World AGAIN?” That’s when I book my solo flight.

Or maybe earlier. :wink:


YES! Can I send them to your house while I go! :angel:


HEY!!! That’s not cool, you wouldnt have nearly as much fun without us!!


DW and I went for a long weekend last year. It was a blast.


My DW and I go occasionally w/o kids and have a blast.
You can ride the rides you want and go at your own pace.
It much more relaxing that way


Truly, I think WDW should be an adult park banning all children.

(Ok - I’m just kidding.)


not when they were little. when they were young it was part of the fun was seeing them react to the magic. we are going without them in september for our anniversary but my youngest is 18 . i would never :nonono2: go alone , alone without anybody. I would not enjoy it being by myself for vacations. .


Andrea, I don’t even know how to check? I also didn’t know the number if miles you have above 25,000 makes any difference? Hmmm.


I do figure ds would be traumatized. Thing is he and I spend a day there together last month and I could not go on any of the large coasters. If I went alone I could do them all. :ninja:


Amen! Yeah, DW and I have a great time when we’re there, but there would be a HUGE void without being able to watch the amazement and sheer joy in our kids’ eyes. Yeah, there would be things that would be easier (and cheaper) without the little boogers, but the emotional equity just wouldn’t be as great without them. :wub:


Yeah, I could go without my kids, and it would be a great time, too!!

It’s great with them, don’t get me wrong! But, fun fun fun with just me and my DH, too!


I think it’s cool. I was begging DH for a quick 3 day trip for our anniversary this month, but I couldn’t get him to budge (going to the hamptons instead…bound to see some form of craziness there). But he felt that since we were doing a big trip in Dec, that was enough Disney for now. As long as the kids get to go at some point, some mom and dad alone time isn’t bad! Imagine doing EE without having to worry about a baby swap or height requirement! OOH, then there is the drinking around the world thing too!!!


Before DS came along DH and I always had a great time together in WDW…now that DS4 is here I can’t imagine going without him! We have freinds that go once a year with kids, once a year without. For me persoanlly, if DH were to take a trip alone it would be to an Island or someplace VERY relaxing! :heart: