Could be a Sasquatch, or Bigfoot?


This image provided Monday, Oct. 29, 2007 by hunter Rick Jacobs shows an image taken by a camera with an automatic trigger set up in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest on Sept. 16, 2007. The only thing certain about the critter photographed by a hunter’s camera is that some people have gotten the notion it could be a Sasquatch, or bigfoot. Others say it’s just a bear with a bad skin infection.


woah, it’s kind of smalish though, isn’t it? Baby big foot?



yeah…it does look like a baby caveman or something…weird.


That’s a bear…silly hunter


Hasn’t Cavey been hanging out in the Allegheny National Forest doing some training for his new job?


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: sorry caver…to funny


[QUOTE=cinderbella]yeah…it does look like a baby caveman [QUOTE]

That’s what I was thinking!!


I forgot about Cavey


What the heck is that mutant thing? I don’t know if it’s bigfoot but it is a strange looking creature.


What! Cavey came out of his cave!!!:ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: It looks like to me he is searching for his dinner.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


The PA game comission has identified it as a bear with mange, which is a skin disease.


wow, if that’s a bear, it must be anorexic, maybe that is a side effect of the skin condition?


That doesn’t look like a bear to me - if it is, it must be a super-model bear - it’s legs are so long… hmmm, either it’s Cavey or a baby Bigfoot… or it’s a bunch of drunk hunters fooling around.


It kinda looks like a bear but with a little imagination it could be a baby bigfoot


I hope it’s not a bear because he looks like he has malnutrition, which I believe can definately 'cause hairloss. Somebody needs to call a vet or something and have him go catch that poor sickly bear. :sad:

Otherwise, It REALLY REALLY does look like some sort of caveman/bigfoot creature. FREAKY. The legs are so long and he almost looks like he had elbows. Oh my godh, what if it was one of those babies that got abandoned in the woods and grew up with animals or something.


wow, you people really have some sense of imagination. Either that, or you just have too much time on your hands. It is a sick bear.


to me it looks like a person in a bad Big Foot costume


Legs are toooo long to be a bear… I still think it’s caveybear!!!


Why? Because the PA game commission says so?
It may be a bear, I don’t know…but it’s awfully slender.
I’m going with Wish - it’s an abandoned baby grown up with animals - that’s a much more entertaining way to look at it!


I just Goggled “Caveybear”!!! Whada think??? That could be related to cavey…