Could it be? He just can't resist free dining!


Well, I think DH has been tempted once again by free dining & is SERIOUSLY considering another trip in September!!! :wub: So, he priced POR (since there are 5 of us, he thought we’d bump up to a moderate) & he was VERY pleased with the price!! The airfare is still more than he wants to pay but I think he’ll eventually decide to quit holding out for a lower fare & just book it.

NOW the part I need help with: let me hear your best Disney money saving tips. If we’re gonna really do this, I want to be able to save some serious Disney money for the next 4 months! The past 2 years we’ve been able to save & have the trip paid for before we left home. I would LOVE to be able to do that & even have some of the miscellaneous spending money saved… So let me hear it- how do you save for WDW?


Have a garage sale!!! I do it every summer for extra money!!


Here is the link to a thread on how we saved. Now that we are all saved up and have the trip completely paid for, all three of the kids have said that the saving up was almost as fun as the trip itself!


Groceries, Groceries, Grocieries! Get really creative, they dont need to know what went into the dish, only that it taste good. Being a single parent I have had to do this for years(it helps that the car payment was up in February and I have been putting it toward vacation since then.) Meals come and go but Disney is for ever!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:


No eating out, never use exact change when paying…put the change from every single purchase into a disney jar (I can save a few hundred in 8months or so), garage sale, ebay…tons of things to do.


no eating out, pack lunches for work, save all change in a jar to cash in just before you go


Can you save on home insurance, power, shopping bill.

remember the magic numbers - 7 (365),52,12 and look at were you can save. like 7 the things you buy every day news paper, coffee at work etc. 52 the things you buy every week like a magazines… your getting the picture right! :eek:

this will save you loads.

good luck:heart:


You guys are the best!! Thanks for the tips! Some are very helpful - it’s a little tough for us since we’re already a pretty let’s say frugal (sounds much nicer than “cheap”!) family anyway. DH shops the various insurances every year, we don’t eat out except on special occasions & we DEFINITELY use coupons… but I hadn’t thought about putting extra change to the side & I think getting the kids into it will really help!!


We are working on a money jar right now too! We never use exact change and any additional change goes in the jar. i also occasionally throw in some ones. The other day I had 2 ones and a 5, so I threw in the ones. It’s only two bucks, that would probably have been squandered somewhere unnecessary, so in the jar they went and I didn’t even miss them. :blush:


I know this will offend some people but we quit eating at restaurants where they want you to pay for their help, ie. TIPPING! Instead of a $45-50 dollar meal with a $7-8 dollar tip, we drive thru or carry out and save the tip money for ourselves and the entertaining people at WDW! Now that jar really adds up!


What about trimming some of the “extras” at WDW? For example, we’ve done BBB all 3 years ~ DD13 will probably have no trouble giving it up this year, DD4 may be another story…also DS7 did the Pirates League last year & wanted us to wash off all the makeup & changed out of the costume 15 minutes after it was over, so maybe we could skip that… but also, are there other Disney activities/experiences that maybe we just haven’t considered that don’t cost much? :confused: I don’t want to skimp too much~ we love our trips & want everyone to feel like they got to do everything they wanted…


We try to limit sourveneirs by setting an amount per person. Once it’s gone that’s it…it’s amazing how much less whining/wanting when they have to spend their own money…lol! And the money jar, didn’t realize I had so much change laying around.


I don’t think avoiding sit down restaurants is offensive- it’s a great way to stay on a budget!


My kids save their own money for souvenirs. They save up the money they get for Christmas and birthdays, and once they’ve spent it, that 's it. We usually encourage them to look around for most of the trip, and then do actual purchasing on the last day, so that they can’t really see something else they’d rather have, because there are no more days to look once they’ve bought. DH and I typically don’t buy anything special for ourselves. I think cutting down on the extras makes a big difference.


Our 2 oldest kids do that also- it’s especially tricky for DD13 because she also likes to have her own spending money for our beach vacation in July. We usually set aside a certain amount for each child for souveniers then anything above that is out of their money! Funny how suddenly that “have-to-have it” item isn’t so important once they realize they’re paying for it!!


[QUOTE=jen9804;1031825]Here is the link to a thread on how we saved. Now that we are all saved up and have the trip completely paid for, all three of the kids have said that the saving up was almost as fun as the trip itself![/QUOTE]

OMG I just read this and it is AWESOME! I am totally stealing this idea for next year!

Really, great thanks!



We do a garage sale every year for vacation. Tyler has his own bank in his room that he LOVES to put money in for WDW. This turns into his spending money for souvineers. He does decide if he wants one big item or tons of small. This year we were going to DtD to the Lego store for the first time. He had about $50 saved. He lasted the whole weekend till the last day of the trip. He knew he wanted Disney Legos and he waited and bought some TS3 legos. I was very proud.

My biggest 2 savings methods:

  1. My 3rd job. Security with my moms company. I basically work when my schedule allows and all checks go into a vacation account that can not be touched.

  2. I have a Disney Change “jar” that I keep in the laundry room. EVERY DAY (weather I have a trip planned or not) I put in $1 a day. But I also put in all of the loose change I find in pockets etc. and I always empty my wallet of the days change and put it in the jar too. It really adds up and we use that money for tips and the like.

Here is a picture of my Disney Change Jar:


NO eating out (which is hard for my 17 year-old daughter, but I just remind her what we are saving for), take my lunch for work, plan larger amounts of meals (crock pot dinners, etc. which gives us meals and lunches for a few days to week depending on what I make), yard sale, Buy more generic less brand name, buy gently used clothes at Goodwill (for me) or Plato’s closet (Teenager). Use Coupons and put the face value that you saved, plus any other perk amounts (doubling, tripling, etc.) into your savings - you were going to spend that money and now you are saving it. If it is not a necessity don’t buy it!! When you are thinking about whether or not you need that item, weigh it against the trip you want. Then make a decision based on that, how important is it or would it be better to put that money away for your trip? You’ll be amazed how fast it stacks up. Our trip at the end of this month is paid for and has been for a while. My daughter is well aware of the limits for this trip, and no can still be said at Disney.