Couldn't wait until December


…to see BLT in person.

So I called DVC MS today and booked a quick 2-night stay at BLT on August 14-16. I got a 1-BR with a Bay Lake View. I go back in December in a 1-BR with a Magic Kingdom View, so it will be nice to experience both.

Since I have yet to see Kidani Village in person, I’ll wander over there too.

So instead of being 126 days to my next trip, it’s only 56 days! I’m instantly into double digits.

[li]56 days 'till BLT in August
[/li][li]126 days 'till BCV in Oct
[/li][li]169 days 'till BLT in Dec
[/li][li]204 days 'till VWL in Jan
[/li][li]260 days 'till AKV in Mar


I think that it makes you the first MBer to stay there…I want every single possible detail…don’t leave ANYTHING out!


Yes indeed. I’d say a few hundred pictures should do it. After all it is only a short trip.:happy:


Coooool! You are so lucky! :heart:


Something tells me you are paid to go on Vacation, Mike. Am I right? And how do I get that gig? :slight_smile:


Maybe he has a job like Samantha Brown, only for disney, not travel channel. Hmmm now that I think of it, Mike takes about 12 trips a year, always shows really really great pictures, never has a bad time…makes sense to me.


I feel comforted that we’ll get some of the BEST ‘first stay’ photos 'cause Mike will be there! :smile: