Count down


Sorry not sure where to post. I can’t seem to get my countdown to work someone please help thanks


If you use any special characters like “&” and others will cause it to not work from my experience. Try making it say something really simple to test it out.


Will you do me a favor and check the dates you entered to make sure the year is correct?


i can’t seem to get my countdown to work either…
i kept it simple, and double checked the date…don’t know what the glitch is…weird?


I am trying to do it as well. I actually have a countdown after three years!


I edited all the information but it doesn’t seem to work.


I looked at your information last night and didn’t see anything that looked like a problem. The problem is usually a character that doesn’t work but I didn’t see any characters in what you have.


Have you paid your chit chat dues?!? :laugh:

Completely erase it and start over. It’s got to be a character. I found “&” will kill it in a heart beat.


it’s working!:laugh:


look back at my first posts to this’s still not showing up on those…but it’s showing up on my new posts…weird.

oh well, it’s working now!


I just cannot seem to find it. Well I did find a thing that says User Countdown but cannot do anything with it.


Once you get 100 posts you will be able to set it.


Okay. It does kind of suck that I need to get 100 post first. Oh well maybe for my next trip I will have a counter.


just talk a lot. You’ll get there quickly.