Countdown clock


We use to have a count down to our next WDW trip but it doesn’t work any more.
Can someone let me know how I can get one back on ?:confused:


Go to quick links, edit options…scroll down and the countdown is at the end. Enter in your dates and then hit save! It’s much easier than it used to be. The day of the month comes first, so make sure you read it carefully.


leave it to Dana to answer it as soon as its posted! You Rock DANA!!!


Yes - Thank you and it was to easy that’s why I couldn’t figure it out


AWW thanks…you just made me blush. I hate seeing unaswered posts…lol Call me miss “social” LOL

You are very welcome…amazing how the easiest things are often the hardest for us all. We are so used to things being complicated…lolol (not on here just in life in general.)


But you can’t post your countdown unless you have at least 100 posts:confused: I only have thirty or so, but I am working hard at it!!


As of right now, that is correct. Kind of in a testing mode at the moment. I may or may not open it up to everyone, I will see how the test goes.


THANK YOU MICKEY for bring back our countdowns… I’m at less than 30 days… I’m soooo excited! You’re the best~


thanks- i never knew it got fixed, lets just see if I can get it to work…


Mickey…thanks so much for this new way of adding a countdown to our signature. It was too confusing the ‘old’ way so I never did one ~ this new way could not be easier. Thaanks once again. You rock!


good to know this- thanks


Thanks Guys! I didn’t know they had the count down back… Its getting sooooooo close.



Testing to see if countdown worked.


day and a half !!! day and a half !!!


Thanks, Mickey!! I am working hard at achieving 100 posts. This counts as one!!
I am ready for my countdown online. My kids and I made a construction paper chain, but somehow, it isn’t staying very accurate with three kids cutting a loop off whenever the mood strikes!!


Mine is not behaving


I’m working very hard at getting my 100th post. I really want to see that ticker counting down.


Me too - but I’ve got a long way to go :sad:


i have mine and works wonderfull.


Only 22 to go after this one. :slight_smile:

Hey, I could do this all day and reach my post count easily. :wink: